Taking a Brief Look at the Shadow Series Necro II Quest Line

Over the weekend, one of the quests I completed with Erdrique (Level 14 Rogue) was the Shadow Crypt.  The Shadow Crypt is the capstone quest to the Necropolis II quest chain.  To obtain the Shadow Crypt quest, you have to complete the Tomb of the Shadow Guard, Tomb of the Shadow King, Tomb of the Shadow Lord, and Tomb of the Shadow Knight.  I have written about most of these quests in one aspect or another before but I figured this time I would take an overall look at the entire quest line here.

The Shadow series (what I call them anyway) is composed of the four level 8 flagging quests and the one level 9 capstone quest.  You can complete the four flagging quests in any order you want.  However, one thing to be mindful of is that once you complete one of the flagging quests make sure you do not reacquire the quest you just completed.  The only way you can obtain the quest for the Shadow Crypt is if the four flagging quests are marked as being currently completed in your quest journal.  This can get quite aggravating at times.

As you can imagine, the entire quest line is composed of “shadow” type monsters.  These will include shadows, wraiths, umbral gargoyles, umbral worgs, invisible stalkers, and phase spiders.  You will also encounter various cultists as well.  Needless to say, having a ghost touch weapon of pure good or some other type of ghostbane weapon is extremely helpful for all melee characters in this set of quests and having access to large area of affect spells such as firewall and blade barrier are extremely useful for arcane and divine casters.  Some of the most annoying monsters you will encounter in these quests are phase spiders as they tend to have fun jumping in out of the material plane making your attacks miss quite a bit.  They also have the annoying capability of making you wait until they face back to continue on.  Definitely quite annoying.  There are a various of optional names monsters spread throughout these quests that tend to boost your total experience you can get when you complete them, which is a nice benefit indeed.

 photo Hell and Erd beginning in the Shadow Crypt_zpsjphbugve.jpg

Erdrique and Hellbanisher preparing to explore the Shadow Crypt.

The maps to the tombs themselves are quite unique in a few ways.  The Tomb of the Shadow Guard is primarily underwater and can get quite frustrating to move through until you get a nice idea of the maps layout.  The Tomb of the Shadow Knight is the rogues/artificer’s playground as it is littered with traps that can make an adventurer’s life extremely short.  The Tomb of the Shadow Lord forces the party to split up and to explore various levels of the tomb and to meet back up in the center to take on the end boss.  The Tomb of the Shadow King is perhaps the most annoying of these quests as it is designed to be circular with torches that need to be put out with respawning mobs that chase you tirelessly throughout the quest.  And the last quest, the Shadow Crypt, is a multi tiered maze that requires you to find special gears to unlock the last room to get to the end fight.  In all these quests have some interesting mechanics that are found in a lot of other areas.  The Tombs and Crypts themselves are pretty nicely designed in terms of their artwork and spookiness.  I really enjoy the various tapestries, markings, and feel of these areas.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that these quests offer quite a stockpile of experience.  When I completed the Shadow Crypt last weekend, I received over 43,000 experience on elite and I was level 14 in a level 11 quest.  Running these series quests with a streak going on can net you a significant amount of experience.

The Shadow Series is a fun series to run overall, as long as you ghost touch weapon or ghostbane weapon.  One other thing to keep in mind if you use Cannith Crafting.  You will need to make sure that whatever weapon you enchant with ghost touch also has a +1 enhancement applied as well.  You will need this to bypass the damage reduction of the wraiths (at least) in these quests.  Having just a ghost touch weapon of purge good will not mark your weapon as “magical,”  You need to have that +1 enhancement to beat that damage reduction.  I figured this out the hard way :P.

In any case, take a look at these series of quest.  They are different and can be quite challenging, especially during your first go through.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Shadow Tombs!!


6 thoughts on “Taking a Brief Look at the Shadow Series Necro II Quest Line

    • Its not a bad chain. The Shadow Guard gets frustrating because you can easily get turned around in the underwater paths. The others aren’t too bad, although you do get sick of swinging and monster that keep phasing in and out.

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