Have to Like the Arrogance…

Just recently I took Larrs (Level 21 Bard/Fatesinger) into the quest Bargain of Blood.  Bargain of Blood is the first quest in the Sentinels of Stormreach Storyarc that involves the Blood Tide Pirates.  You learn about the issues that the Blood Tide Pirates are causing when you talk to Taggart d’Deneith in House Deneith.  He then instructs you to talk to another House Deneith agent, Lile d’Deneith who is the NPC that bestows you with the quest Bargain of Blood.  From Lile, you learn that the the Stormreach Merchants have hired House Deneith to dismantle what is known as the Bargain Bazaar, which contains the plunder that the Blood Tide Pirates have looted that they are now selling.  Of course this same plunder includes the good the Stormreach Merchants had ordered to be sell themselves.  Lile also tells you that the Bazaar is an active slave market and is also a place where assassinations can be ordered.

House Deneith hasn’t moved to take down the Bazaar as of yet because the Blood Tide Pirates are expecting them to do a full out assault.  Lile said they learned this information from a small scout force that has been sent to learn more about the Bazaar and she asks us to join up with them.  Definitely sounds like a worthwhile mission.

So I take Larrs through the Searing Heights and into the Bargain Bazaar.  Of course, as soon as we approach we are recognized as working for House Deneith and have to fight our way through hobgoblin pirates, drop sharpshooters, drow casters, drow pirates, human pirates, a minotaur first mate, orc shamans, and a powerful drow assassin.  We then have to dodge and weave around a number of traps before we come upon this Deneith scout party.  And the first thing the say is: “About time you arrived.  Now let’s shut down those slave traders.”

 photo There is the scout party_zpslic6u87c.jpg

Larrs coming across the small band from House Deneith.

I’m not so sure you could have heard any more of a pompous or arrogant response.  I imaging coming down that slope covered in sweat and grime, my armor and weapons dripping blood, and having a number of cuts and abrasions myself and then hearing that comment made in a nonchalant, arrogant voice.  You would think this “scouting” party would have realized that you were being attacked.  It’s not like the sound of battle was completely silent in this area.  I can only imagine the pitiful screams and yells of the Bazaars customers.  Not to mention, that this so grateful scouting party didn’t do anything to help you out, they just sat there in their little rowboat just waiting.  Talk about being arrogant.  And then to make things even better, they only help you to get to the slaves but do absolutely nothing to help you confront and capture (or take down) the mysterious General Manager.  This type of arrogance only reinforces thos rumors you ever hear about good ol’ House Deneith.

What lazy bums these guys are.  Oh well, the quest is still fun and Larrs didn’t their help anyway :).  He showed them when he defeated the General Manager and looted his possessions.  Now onto the rest of the quests!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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