What Kind of Deals Can You Find in the Bargain Bazaar?

I mentioned in my blog yesterday that I recently took Larrs (Level 21 Bard/Fatesinger) through the quest Bargain of Blood.  Although I was making mockery of the House Deneith attitude, the quest itself is rather interesting.  Bargain of Blood, being a part of the Sentinels of Stormreach Storyine, is primarily filled with pirates and monsters who serve Captain Tew’s Blood Tide Pirates.  When we learn about the situation that is occurring from Taggart d’Deneith and  Lile d’Deneith, we realize that this Bazaar can be quite a dangerous place and needs to be shut down.

 photo Looking at what is coming_zpsosifeacr.jpg

Larrs looking out over the bazaar and prepares for the incoming pirates.

The Bargain Bazaar is located in a secluded place within Searing Heights.  As you make your way out to the Bazaar you will encounter a number of the Blood Tide encampments showing how influential their presence is in the Searing Heights.  The Bazaar is located southwest of the entrance to Searing Heights, just south of the Crumbled Archway explorer point.  When you enter the Bargain Bazaar, it doesn’t take very long for a scouting kobold for the Blood TIde Pirate to recognize that you are trouble to pull the alarm.  We also see a number of “customers” mingling around and buying and selling items.

 photo Taking down the sorc in Bargain of Blood_zps17pqswtl.jpg

Larrs clearing the path through the Bargain of Blood.

The Bazaar itself is an open air market.  You have to pass through a number of gates to make your way further into the Bazaar and to make your way to the General Manager.  The gates are opened by hitting raised levers with ranged weapons.  The vast majority of the selling at the bazaar occurs at the lowest level while other nefarious activities seem to be occurring on ledges and ramps that above the primary selling area.  As you make your way through the bazaar you see a ton of crates, vases, boxes, paintings, desks, and other goodies that the Blood TIde have looted from ships that merchants and purchasers used to get their items shipped to them.  It makes you wonder what types of “discounts” the Blood Tide pirates are offering for these wares.

 photo Using charm person to help take care of the enemies_zpsruvuhwma.jpg

Larrs running around on the perimeters of the bazaar fighting the Blood Tide.

The enemies within the bazaar are primarily composed of hobgoblins.  However, you will also encounter some drow pirates, orch shamans, and minotaurs.  You also have to deal with two kobolds (the first monster in the quest) and the Manager.  You also have a named bugbear and drow assassin to deal with.  The are a number of traps within the Bargain Bazaar, primarily composted of spinning blade traps or spikes.  You do have a few optional quest objectives that are relatively easy to complete, including rescuing the prisoners of the bazaar.

 photo The Manager letter the General do all of the work_zpsonlqi26m.jpg

Larrs fighting the General Manager at the end of the Bargain of Blood.

The enemies are primarily problematic when there is a drow sorcerer or other caster nearby.  The General Manager is an interesting boss.  The General Manager is actually a kobold (know as the Manager) riding on top of a Minotaur (referred to as the General).  This boss fight actually requires you to kill the General and then to kill the Manager.  However, be prepared.  When you throw the last of the few levers to get to the end quest, some water elementals might spawn (I believe this depends on the difficulty).

 photo Taking down the Manager_zpsw1taf3dc.jpg

Larrs dealing with the Manager.

The quest is pretty fun.  The map is relatively small the quest time is also relatively short.  Things can get annoying if you fall of the raised paths on the permiter of the bazaar, but overall it isn’t a bad quest to run through.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Bazaar!!


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