Never Noticed the Tattoo Before

The other day I was taking Larrs (Level 21 Bard/Fatesinger) through the Bargain of Blood when I noticed something for the first time.  The First Mates of the Blood Tide Pirates have a pretty nice looking anchor tattoo plastered on their biceps.  I noticed as my little halfling was plastered between the wall and minotaur.  Upon seeing this tattoo and noticing it for the first time, I began to wonder about a few things.

 photo Check out the tattoo on the First Mate_zpsaedjylci.jpg

The Blood Tide Pirate First Mates seem to have a nice looking anchor tattoo.

First off, I wondered if any of the other Blood Tide Pirates had tattoos.  I haven’t seen any of them with tattoos and they have some pretty vicious monsters and enemies in their ranks including hobgoblins and orcs.  Where are there tattoos?  Then I began to wonder if this particular tattoo was some type of rank designations.  Perhaps the First Mates are just required/forced to receive this branding.  That way it show to all other subordinates not to question their orders.  I’m guess the other captains and higher officers are just plainly recognizable but the First Mates are more like the common ranks and need the distinction.  The, I thought, who would administer a tattoo to something like a minotaur?  I just know I wouldn’t want to it.  Perhaps it is applied magically?  Speaking of that, maybe the tattoo is also magical and perhaps it can be used by the First Mate to talk directly to his captain.  Now that would be interesting…

Another one of those small in game things that I’m positive I have seen before but just now really noticed.  Have to like finding those little discoveries.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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