Finally Finished Red Fens!!

Well, it only took me a few months, but Hamllin (Level 16 Rogue) has finally completed the Red Fens wilderness area.  Even being level 16, I still gathered over 15,000 experience for hitting that 7,500 slayer mark.  Working through the slayer area was not the most efficient experience per minute but was something I wanted to knock out.  I am definitely not the most efficient in leveling :).

 photo Finally done-Hammy Red Fen Slayers_zpsj8icjfbf.jpg

Hamllin’s experience report after hitting 7,500 slayers in the Red Fens.

Hitting the 7,500 slayer mark in the Red Fens is just a personal goal of mine for my characters.  That slayer limit is exetremely high when compared to the other slayer areas within that level range, making it extremely challenging to complete.  I’m not entirely sure what this mark is so high but it is definitely project.  Now it is time to move onto the Restless Isles and Ataraxia’s Haven which have a paltry 1,500 maximum slayer mark.  Should be a piece of cake compared to the Red Fens :).

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the slayer zones!!


8 thoughts on “Finally Finished Red Fens!!

  1. I wasn’t playing at the time, but what I’ve gathered is that the Red Fens was launched prior to the actual introduction of slayer areas in the game, and it was later retrofitted to fit the mold. This was the explanation for there being no real “town” setting, as well – my guess is that during the retrofit, they slapped on an absurdly high slayer cap, with the intent being to serve as an XP grind location (much as the Vale serves, today).

    Of course, that’s merely speculation with what scattered bits of history I can find, and half the developers who worked on the project back then are probably no longer with Turbine to confirm.. But it sure helps to paint a picture of why the Red Fens seems so “out of place” (with slayers and the odd loot) compared with few rest of the 7-11 content.

    Hope that helps… sort of? Lol..


    • Actually the Red Fens was put out well after the explorer zones were established. I believe at the time they were trying to push sales in the store and were wanting people to by slayer potions. In any case, it definitely stands out slayer wise.


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