Now That is a Familiar Banner

Awhile back, I wrote a blog post wondering about a particular banner I noticed while running the The Crypt of Gerard Dryden with my low level ranger, Crawlller (Level 6).  I had originally thought that this banner was some type of indication of the Duality, that Dryden family has been trying to understand.  However, now I’m not so sure.  Over the weekend, I took Erdrique (Level 15 Rogue) into the Tomb of the Forbidden and the Tomb of the Unhallowed and came across the same exact banner.

 photo Notice the same banner in the Catacombs_zpsfsi76kjl.jpg

Erdrique coming across a familiar banner.

When I noticed the banner in the Tomb of the Unhallowed I also noticed that it was behind a large symbol of the Sovereign Host.  This made me wonder a little more about this particular banner.  Its kind of unusual to see the same banner being represented in two different religious orders.  I’m not quite sure what to make of this.  Symbols on the banner don’t really represent anything I can think of for either the Silver Flame or the Sovereign Host, which is why I was originally thinking it was symbol for the Duality.  Most likely as some type of a warning to those who venture into Gerard Dryden’s Crypt.  However, with this banner present in the Necropolis, this seems to break down.  The Necropolis is ancient burial ground for the elite of Stormreach before Delera’s Graveyard was established.  This suggests to me that this tomb has been here much longer than the Catacombs in the Marketplace.

 photo Symbol aligned with the Sovereign Host_zpsnh4drkfw.jpg

Erdrique coming across the banner again in the Tomb of the Unhallowed nicely placed behind the symbol of the Sovereign Host.

There is one possible explanation, which opens up some interesting thoughts.  I’m wondering if the Dryden family ancestors, when they migrated to Stormreach, learned of the Duality and discovered that the secrets were within the ancient tombs of the Necropolis.  Perhaps Gerard Dryden was lured out into the Necropolis and explored the tombs to learn what he could and as a result he brought the banner back to the Catacombs during the early days of Stormreach.  This also makes one wonder if the Abott was using the Dryden family in some fashion to further his ascension to godhood.  This is a very loose link between the Catacombs and the Necropolis but it does hold some intriguing thoughts.

In any case, it was just something I noticed this weekend.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Necropolis!!


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