Taking Somebody Through Something New

Over the past weekend, I had the opportunity to take another Crypt Crawler through some content he hadn’t seen quite yet.  Although my guildie (Dynammo) never stopped paying for his subscription, he did stop playing for while.  He actually stopped playing prior to Menace of the Underdark being released and returned back to the game within the past year or so.  He has actually been exploring in a lot of the quests out in Eveningstar and has created and played around with most (if not all) of the iconic characters.  However, there was still some quests he still hadn’t quite seen yet (not counting Update 27 of course, which was just released after the weekend).  Some of these quests include those in the Web of Chaos chain.

Although Dynammo is pretty active, his playing time is sporadic and depends on gaps of time opening up for him around his personal life.  The vast majority of the time, this prevents me from grouping up with him, however this past weekend was fortuitous because he was able to group with myself and a third guildied, Friedrice.  After some quick discussion about some quests, it turned out that Dynammo had never taken on the Spinner of Shadows and so I suggested running through the Web of Chaos chain on Epic Hard.  I then switched to Garrrin (Level 23 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) and Dynammo switched to his shadar-ki, Lethalix (Level 20).  The three of us then headed out to the harbor and started the quest chain.

 photo Garrrin Let and Fried hitting up Lords of Dust_zps0sjjcxrr.jpg

Taking Lethalix into the Lords of Dust and the rest of the Web of Chaos for the firs time.

It was nice to group back up with Lethalix once again.  Lethalix was level 20 while I and Friedrice were level 22.  Friedrice and I took Lethalix through the four quests in the Web of Chaos chain (Lords of Dust, Servants of the Overlord, Spinner of the Shadows, and Beyond the Rift) and showed him around the basics.  We didn’t do all of the optionals in Servants of the Overlord, primarily to help save on frustration and time.  In Lords of Dust, I did tell Let about how you can purify the altars with some classes instead of destroying them, which gives you an additional chest.  It was also pretty fun watching Lethalix scramble around the Spinner’s prison collecting crystals to light the pillars being chased by hezerous.  Although Let did get killed a couple of times, he held up quite well and enjoyed using the whip chain attack!!

Overall, we all had a great time.  By the time we completed the four quests, we all had hit new levels.  Friedrice and I hit level 23 and Lethalix hit level 21.  Hopefully we can get him through the rest of the quests that were released with Menace of the Underdark expansion pack.  I don’t believe Lethalix has done any of those yet.  Not to mention we now have a new update to make our way through :).  Looking forward to having some good times :)!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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