The Only Consistency is Being Inconsistent…Ugh

This particular past life has been quite different for Erdrique (Level 15, Rogue).  First off, this is the life (or for that matter, for character) that I have played as quarterstaff build.  That alone has been quite interesting and fun.  However, another new difference for this particular life has been upgrading some gear from the House Cannith Challenges, namely the Ring of the Stalker and the belt, Spare Hand.  I had run the Cannith Challenges in the past but primarily for guild renown potions.  Well, when Erdrique was nearing level 11, I had decided that I was going to spend some time running through the Cannith Challenges so that I would have all ingredients I needed to fully upgrade the Ring of the Stalker and Spare Hand to tier 3 at level 11, that way Erdrique would have the highest version of these items as soon as he leveled.  See, I had run into a problem when I was working through the same scenario at level 7 and I didn’t get those items upgraded until well into level 8 or so.  No big deal or anything, I just wanted to be a little more efficient.

 photo Erd battling Ugg in Dr. Rushmores Mansion_zpsyfbqut9g.jpg

Taking on Ugg the Meatshield for Dr. Rushmore.

Well, I’m not sure what I was thinking this time.  For some reason, as Erdrique was rapidly approaching level 15, I just figured I had a whole level left to get these upgraded.  For some reason it wasn’t clicking with me that the next level of these items is at level 15 and here I was well past level 14 and being forced to level up to 15 (I currently have a level banked).  None of this dawned on me until I actually went to the rogue trainer and finished leveling up and then I started to review my items to see what needed to upgraded when I realized that two of these items were my level 11 Ring of the Stalker and Spare Hand.

 photo Erd fighting the Renegade_zpsdhk2mmbf.jpg

Erdrique fighting Dr. Rushmore in his mansion.

So, now the hunt is on for the Cannith Challenge Ingredients so that I can get these fun items upgraded as soon as I can.  So far I have knocked out about three runs in Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Picture Portals but I need a few more runs through their to have enough goblets.  I’m well on my way on getting them upgraded, I just hate that the only thing I have been consistent with when it comes to upgrading the Ring of the Stalker and the Spare Hand has being inconsistent in my process.  Oh well, I’ll get them there!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion!!


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