Lag, how intrusive!!

I haven’t had too many issues with lag.  Sure, I do experience a number of lag spikes and I have been exposed to some pretty hairy and dicey situations because of lag in the middle of combat, but I haven’t experienced anything pretty bad lately, until recently :(.  I logged on with Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Magister) last night and teamed up with a fellow guildie, Hellsbain.  Things started out pretty good as we headed off to finish the The Darkening Story Arc by completing the quest The Battle for Eveninstar on epic hard.  While making our way through the various waves of drow, we didn’t notice much lag at all and we finished the quest with little difficulty.  Heck I didn’t even get killed, I usually wind up falling at least once during a quest with Rimuldar.  After we completed The Battle for Eveningstar and took care of selling our loot, we decided to run Don’t Drink the Water on epic hard.

This is when we ran into problems.  We progress through the first two waves of yuan-ti without many issues.  It was pretty fun stumbling across those priestess and taking on those abominations.  However, after we made our way through the second wave of yuan-ti we started to hit some lag issues.  Nothing big, but I noticed some “hitching” here and there.  After we shrined, we made our way to the next wave of yuan-ti and that is when we got hit with some pretty devastating lag :(.  Once the third wave of yuan-ti started to spawn, both of us locked up pretty quickly.  It didn’t appear that this wave had any more mobs than the other two so I don’t think it was that.  I was further down the path while Hell was closer to the priestess and her enchanted barrier.  So I was being attacked by the mobs from the back end of the wave and he was being attacked from the enemies in the front.  I was able to get off a couple of spells when I was then frozen in mid-air (I was jumping out of the clutches of an abomination).  At the same time Hell got froze as well.  We were both complaining about the spike.  We were then able to get for like two quick seconds before we froze again.  I was suspended in mid-air.

By the time the lag spike had finished, we were nothing but a pile of soul stones.  Our hirelings were also pretty well flattened.  It was pretty disheartening and we were both a little frustrated.  We didn’t mind if we died, as long as we didn’t die because of something out of our control.  In this case, we failed because of the lag.  Talk about being intrusive to having some fun questing!!  I’m hoping once the move to the new data centers is complete, a lot of these particular issues will go away.  I guess we’ll see.

 photo The results of a lag party wipe_zpsligt8km4.jpg

Thanks to lag, we wiped 😦 in Don’t Drink the Water on Epic Hard.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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