Questing Over the Past Week, August 3rd to August 6th

My quest runs this past week were across a variety of levels and included some rather tough and unfortunate situations.  To start off the week, my Monday morning slayer run was with Tuhnn (Level 15 Bladeforged) who I took into my favorite area, the Sands of Menechtarun.  Later in the afternoon, I then took Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter) out into the Restless Isles where he continues to work on his slayers and rares.  After Hamllin takes out the Restless Isles, which shouldn’t take all lot much longer, he will then move off to Ataraxia’s Haven, which also won’t take all that long.  And then he will have his fun out in the Sands of Menechtarun :).  Speaking back to my questing runs and activities in game, later that night I logged back on with Tuhnn and took him back out into the Sands of Menechtarun to do more than just some slayer runs.  I took Tuhnn through two of the side quests out there on elite, Purge the Fallen Shrine and The Chamber of Kourush.  I ran those while also playing our digital table top game as well.  I have found playing Tuhnn, my first iconic, quite interesting and fun.  I look forward to his progression.  I logged after those runs for the night.

 photo Tuhnn making his rounds in the Desert_zpsmzunvqbp.jpg

Tuhnn fighting the Windlashers in the desert.

 photo Hamllin traveling along the suspension bridges_zpsnnrdbxl6.jpg

Hamllin fighting on the suspension bridges in the Restless isles.

 photo Tuhnn fighting in the desert_zpsvvt3dzbd.jpg

Tuhnn fighting in the moonlight in the Sands of Menechtarun.

 photo Tuhnn taking on cacodemon in Purge the Shallen Shrine_zps4l9eflqk.jpg

Tuhnn up close and personal with a cacodemon in Purge the Fallen Shrine.

 photo Tuhnn lighting up the Tomb of the Astrologer_zpsauzarnnw.jpg

Tuhnn battling the legions of gnolls in the Chamber of Kourush.

I started Tuesday by taking Stoorage (Level 12 Fighter) out into Sorrowdusk Isle.  Stoorage still has quite a bit to go out there but he is steadily making his way through that zone.  My afternoon run with Erdrique (Level 15 Rogue) was the first of my rough runs.  I had decided to take Erdrique into the beholder riddled quest of Invaders!  Before I headed off to the quest I went to the bank and pulled out a few items including my two Silver Flame pendents with 10 charges of negative energy absorption and my Shard of Xoriat trinket.  I entered the quest and brought forth a hireling and summoned a mindflayer from my Shard of Xoriat.  I made my way past the first three beholders with little difficulty, actually taking them out from a distance.  I then made my way past some fire reavers and tharaahk hounds and came to the next set of beholders.  I thought everything was going well, as I had only lost two charges from the beholder attacks but I was distracted during my gameplay and wasn’t paying attention (I just being a little overly confident).  I then quickly found my hireling was dead and shortly later so was I.  I taken out the beholders but the tharaahk hounds ate up my hireling while I wasn’t paying attention.  That was my own dang fault and I look forward to hitting it up again!!  Later that night, I logged on with Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Magister) and I joined up with Hellsbain and we headed off and completed The Battle of Eveningstar on epic hard.  We didn’t have any issues at all and then decided to run Don’t Drink the Water on epic hard.  Unfortunately, our run through Don’t Drink the Water didn’t go very well.  We were doing great battling the yuan-ti up until we hit the third barrier.  At that point, when the band of yuan-ti spawned, we were hit with a horribly massive lag spike.  By the time the spike expired we were slaughtered.  The only one left alive was Hellsbain owlbear and that was because he was bugged out and never followed us to the fight.  When Hellsbain recalled him to us, the lag spike hit again and the owlbear was killed once the spike was over.  So that was another really tough run.  We didn’t have enough time to try it again so we called it a night.

 photo Taking on Barxer_zpse1njrho2.jpg

Stoorage fighting Barxer in caves of Sorrowdusk Isle.

 photo Rim causing some explosions in The Battle for Evenignstar_zpspvy6mks3.jpg

Rimuldar causing quite an explosion in the Battle of Eveningstar.

 photo Laying down some firewalls in Dont Drnk the Water_zpsfl5lvvwg.jpg

Rimuldar smoking up some yuan-ti in Don’t Drink the Water.

Wednesday, I started things out with Hamllin who I took out into the wilds of the Restless Isles.  I then kept up with that same theme, as I was scheduled to re-take Hamllin back out there.  By the time I finished my afternoon run, I found all of the rares except for one (there is only three out there) and the same for the explorers.  The last rare and explorer point requires the use of the golden figurine which I believe I have and plan on locating those this weekend (hopefully the rare wildman will spawn, we’ll see).  I also only need a few hundred more kills to max that slayer out.  That night was date night so I didn’t long in but spent a nice night with my wife :).

 photo Hammy finishing off the ogrs_zpsfxaxygpy.jpg

Hamllin fighting the Runetusk Ogres out in the Restless Isles.

 photo Hamllin in the middle of an ogre party_zpspnmsco8f.jpg

Hamllin continues his hunts in the Restless Isles.

Finally, Thursday was relatively interesting.  I started out by taking Suppply (Level 9 Paladin) out into the beautiful area of Three Barrel Cove.  Suppply only needs two more explorer points and two more rares (I believe) and just a few more slayers to move out of Three Barrel Cove and into Sorrowdusk Isle.  He needs to find the Westwind Mistress and the Hidden Bounty as well as to locate the Brine, the named sahaugin and the Air Pirate Captain.  My attempt at an afternoon run was rather disappointing.  I was scheduled to take Erdrique into Dreams of Insanity but that didn’t quite happen.  First off, I was relatively late getting home because of some traffic issues and then once I got longed in, I still had some lag issues.  I was barely able to make it to the mailbox to take care of my typical character maintenance.  So that was all I could do, making that session relatively disappointing.  Later that night, I logged on with Containment (Level 6 Cleric) and took him back into the Catacombs and completed that story arc on normal and restarted the arc on hard.  So I completed the Setting the Wards: The Lower Cathedral, Setting the Wards: The Patriarch’s Crypt, Endgame: Marguerite, Endgame: The Archbishop’s Fate, and The Friar’s Niece.  While I was taking Containment through these quests, I was battling little bouts of lag the entire time :(.

 photo Suppply fighting Lacerator_zpsihzeujlv.jpg

Suppply taking on the vicious scorpion, Lacerator.

 photo Containment Purifying the altar_zpscueu2eje.jpg

Containment preparing to ward an altar in the Catacomb

 photo Containment making his wat to battle the undead_zpsazfi13ah.jpg

Containment dealing with the undead in Setting the Wards: The Patriarch’s Crypt.

 photo Climbing the stairs back to the top_zpsml16wz9s.jpg

Containment making his way up the stairs back to the top of the Catacombs in Endgame: Marguerite.

 photo Looking for Marguerite_zpshp0ail10.jpg

Containment looking for a sign of Marguerite.

Unfortunately the major highlight for me this past week was centered around the frustration of lag.  Hopefully the weekend won’t be as laggy, at least for me.  Although, I did get through the Darkening Story Arc with Rimuldar and few other of my characters are coming close to maxing out their respective slayer areas and getting ready to move to the next ones.  I hope everybody else had a strong week and I hope your weekend will be nice as well!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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