Why Don’t Constructs Count?

Over the weekend, I took Erdrique (Level 15 Rogue) in the challenge Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Picture Portals.  I was running this particular change to get the jeweled goblets which I need to upgrade both the Spare Hand and Stalker Ring.  The amount of jeweled goblets you receive at the end of the quest completion is equal to about 17% of your score (looking it up in the DDO Wiki).  Your score is based on monster kills, opening gates, and killing bosses.  And to complete the quest, you must slay at least one named boss before time runs out.  However, one thing I noted while running through Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion, it appears that the constructs you come across don’t add to your score.

 photo Contructs just dont count_zpsqiiz6syh.jpg

Erdrique battling an iron defender in Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion.

 photo Not counting again_zps3ddjnhsk.jpg

Erdrique noting that after he kills the iron defender, his score didn’t change.

I noticed this when I was beating on an iron defender (see the above screenshots) and that when I killed the iron defender my score didn’t change.  I also noted this with animated armors.

 photo Animated armors not counting_zpscgtw9ihi.jpg

Erdrique deafeating an animated armor with no credit :(.

I’m not sure if this is working on intended but I need to try to remember this as I continue to work more on challenges.  I wonder why the constructs don’t seem to count.  All of the other enemies increased my score, very strange indeed.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting through the challenges!!


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