Hitting up Some New Quests, Questing August 7th to August 9th

This past weekend was quite interesting, primarily because some of the Crypt Crawlers took on the new quests in Update 27: Trials of the Archons.  However, before those quests were tackled, I kicked off the weekend by taking Wapoyei (Level 24 Cleric/Divine Crusader) into the High Road for some Friday morning slayers prior to work.  After I got home from work, I took Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter) into the Restless Isles.  Hammy is getting really close to finishing that area.  Later that night, I logged on with Erdrique (Level 16 Rogue) and I took him through a run of the Red Fens and then into the Cannith Challenge Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Picture Portals.  After I collected some challenge ingredients, I then headed out to the Lordsmarch Plaza to complete the quest Eyes of Stone.  After I battled with Hesstess and her small legion of the Droaam forces, I then headed out of the Lordsmarch Plaza and went back to House Cannith and completed a second run through Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Picture Portals.  After that second run, I called it a night.

 photo Battling the Netherese and Shadows_zpsuijqwsbk.jpg

Wapoyei swallowed up in battle in the High Road.

 photo Who is Than Hap_zps9tofbe2g.jpg

Hamllin taking on Than Hap in the Restless Isles.

 photo Fighting a vine stalker in the Fens_zpszwmfptul.jpg

Erdrique hitting up the Red Fens.

 photo Not counting again_zps3ddjnhsk.jpg

Erdrique battling the minions of Dr. Rushmore in Picture Portals.

 photo The medusa in Eyes of Stone_zpsi5loqmyh.jpg

Erdrique fighting Hesstess in Eyses of Stone.

 photo What a blast in Picture Portals_zpsxdbkpcks.jpg

Quite an explosion in Picture Portals.

Now Saturday was the most interesting night for my questing.  I had recommended for the Crawlers to run the new quests from the Trials of the Archons pack.  I had on Erdrique and I was joined by Hellbanisher and Khamels.  After we took care of the standard chit chatting, catching up, and completing the “daily” character maintenance we made our way to Amrath.  I have to admit, it has been a very long time since I have been on that floating rock above the plane of battle, Shavarath.  We picked up the storyarc and then the first quest, The Archon’s Trial and made our way to the anchor of Amrath.  We had some interesting times as we made our way through the quest but after getting a little bit of a beating we wound making our way through the quest on elite.  I should also point out that we were doing this on heroic elite.  After making our way through The Archon’s Trial, we then moved over to Demon Assault.  I found Demon Assault to be a little more interesting than just a sit down and beat down of spawning mobs after spawning mobs.  It was different from the other assault type quests in that you ran to one portal to another as you were looking for your objective.  We did pretty well in here until the very end where we had some interesting issues appear, primarily with dungeon alert and it became quite a challenge to loot our end chest even after the end boss was killed.  We then tackled the last quest in the heroic story arc, The Devil’s Details.  I found this quest particularly interesting and I found it quite amusing to encounter/see Mailicia at the ed of the quest.  The main problem we had in this quest was centered around the powerful abishai, which were pretty brutal on elite.  Overall, these quests are quite interesting and different.  I will definitely have to run them so far to get a better feel for them.

 photo Maing our way to the gate_zpslnfdcore.jpg

Making our way into the Trials of the Archons.

 photo Taking on the first wave_zpsn78uba1l.jpg

The Crawlers taking on the demons in Demon Assault.

 photo The abishai are going to be a pain_zpsaz8lnio0.jpg

Preparing to deal with the red abishai in The Devil’s Details.

Sunday, I logged on with Stoorage (Level 12 Fighter) and had originally planned on moving through some quests in Three Barrel Cove until I realized I completed all of the quests in Three Barrel Cove on elite already.  So instead I headed off to House Phiarlan and started the Carnival Series, which I still needed to do.  Before I headed off into the first quest, I was joined by Twotoe and we hopped into A Small Problem on elite.  I was glad that Twotoe was able to group up because that saved me from having to run these on normal, hard, and elite because Stoorage is on my Premium account cannot open up quests on initial run through on elite quite yet.  After we blasted our way through the quest, we then advanced to Partycrashers and we made our way through that quest at a nice clip as well, although I did skewered in the spike trap room with the air jet.  However, that was our only problem as Two and I had no issues taking out the rest of the Maleficient Cabal.  We both called it a night after that, so I’m halfway done with the Carnival Series now :).

 photo Stoorage and Twotoe making their way through A Small Problem_zpsiqlodaj6.jpg

Stoorage and Twotoe making their way through Mammoth Valley.

 photo Stoorage gazing at the illusionarium from above_zpsunusnxzy.jpg

Stoorage peering down below in the Illusionarium.

So the highlights of this past weekend was the runs through new quests.  I found them challenging and quite fun.  I definitely need to run these some more.  I hope everybody else had a good weekend as well.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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