Lag Versus Internet Connectivity Issues

There are many things that can have an effect on the playability and enjoyment of DDO.  Two of these things have impacted me this past week, lag and internet connectivity.  Last week, I wrote up a blog post about being hit hard with the lag hammer when I was running Don’t Drink the Water on epic hard, which resulted in a disappointing wipe and the end of the questing for the night.  Although many things can have an impact on lag, or to cause lag, its ultimate result is the same, lesser enjoyment of DDO.  Luckily, the lag hammer doesn’t seem to hit be as hard or as often as many others.  I do notice some lagginess during my game time sessions but nothing that causes me a large amount of issues.  For example, I might lag a little in the Market, but these instances don’t generally last long.  However, when I do get hit with lag, it tends to be detrimental :(.

 photo Laying down some firewalls in Dont Drnk the Water_zpsfl5lvvwg.jpg

Making my way through Don’t Drink the Water before the tremendous lag spike.

Something I consider to be more of detriment is the occasional issues I have with internet connectivity.  I currently have a high speed DSL connection in my area with Century Link and I always seem to have “yellow connectivity.”  However, even with this connectivity it rarely causes me any issues and I realize that this connectivity is properly a contributor to some of the lag I experience in game.  Another issue arose last week though that caused more significant issues and ironically these issues occurred after the large lag spike I experienced while running Don’t Drink the Water.  The problem I experienced was that I was able to connect to the game but I was having extremely long load in times and I was also experience much more lag than typical.  On one day last week, I spent so much time just moving around our guild airship, checking mail and my bank, that I didn’t get a chance to run a single quest.  Moving around the guild airship was extremely annoying as I kept rubber banding from one spot to another.  And then when I got the mailox or the banker the UI to check your mail and bank contents would take forever to pull up.  Talk about extremely frustrating.

A little while later, when I tried to get back on the game that night, I couldn’t even get onto the servers as the connection would time out.  I then realized that my regular webpages were also taking an extremely long amount of time to load.  My wife then told me that she was having issues as well trying to load webpages.  I then decided to reboot the DSL modem.  Once the modem was rebooted, everything started to work just fine.  I logged in and zoned into the game just like normal and our webpages pulled up just fine.  It was like the “tubes” to the internet were clogged and the resetting of the modem gave them a good flush.

In either case, things seem to be working now.  I just need to remember that if things seem abnormally laggy and I experience long load in times, that I should reboot my modem just to be sure.  So now I have two reasons to reboot the modem when it comes to DDO: whenever I can’t connect to the servers and whenever I experience a substantial amount of lag.  I’m just wondering if the lag spike I experience while running Don’t Drink the Water caused me to have the connectivity issues.  Guess I won’t really know but one thing I can say is that lag and connectivity problems are just evil!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in DDO!!


3 thoughts on “Lag Versus Internet Connectivity Issues

    • I would have if others had been on at the time I was having trouble. I typically do ask that. It was just weird, I usually have connectivity issues when trying to connect to the servers, not once I’m loaded in. But now I know :).


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