Moving Through The Archons’ Trials

It generally takes me a little while to get into newer content.  I’m just never in a huge rush to get to the newest content, although I always do look forward to it.  However, I did take a look at the new heroic quests from Update 27: Trials of the Archons this past weekend.  The first quest that we took a look at was The Archons’ Trials.  With me (I had Erdrique (Level 15 Rogue)  during these runs was Hellbanisher and Khamels.  I have to admit, it had been a very long time since I have been out to Amrath  and it took me a little while to get oriented on that floating rock again.  Once I made my way down to the quest givers, I first picked up the story arc and then I went to the quest giver for the Archons’ Trials, Jalena.

Shortly later we found ourselves being transported down to Shavarath to the Archon Citadel.  Unfortunately our first foray into this quest didn’t quite go all that well.  After we talked to the archon inside the quest we went down to take care of the swarm of demons coming forth from portal to only get hit with a huge lag spike.  Shortly later we found ourselves and our hirelings nothing more than soul stones surrounded by a plethora of dretches and other demons.  So, we quickly recalled, rebuffed and regrouped, and restarted the quest.  We were all level 14 and 15 so we decided to do the quest on elite.  This time when we entered, the lag spike didn’t reappear and we were easily able to defeat the spawn demons.

 photo Crawlers getting ready to start Trials of the Archons_zpsf9lpobpr.jpg

The Crawlers getting ready to start the Archons’ Trials.

After we defeated the swarm we made our way into the the main gate of the archon’s citadel.  I new the quest would be a little rough when I fell through the floating stairway to the door (call it a sign 🙂 ).  The four trials to pass were quite interesting indeed.  As soon as we entered the citadel we decided to go through the mechanic path to get through the Trial of Agility.  We decided to go this way because I was a rogue and we thought dealing with the traps would be easier than having to deal with jumping issues.  The Trial Agility was a little rough for me.  I only have a +11 Spot item at the moment and it became quite clear that I wouldn’t be able to spot the traps all that well with that low level of a item.  However, I was able to search for the traps and I was able to get them disabled, it was just that I stopped every few feet to search for the trap boxes instead of relying on my spot.  We made it through this first trial with little difficulty, although we did come across a few skirmishes.

 photo Maing our way to the gate_zpslnfdcore.jpg

Erdrique making his way to the main gate of the Citadel.

The second trial, the Trial of Endurance, was relatively easy,.  At least I don’t remember having any major issues with this particular trial.  We had to make our way through a number of demon encounters and at the end we took on bebilith, which I thought was pretty cool :).

 photo Here comes a bebilith_zpsn6tcthyl.jpg

Taking on the Bebilith.

The third trial, Trial of Intelligence, is where we ran into some major issues.  You can guess that we don’t do well with puzzles :P.  If you aren’t familiar with this particular trial, you have to solve various floor puzzles to open up gateways to get to the end of the room.  You have to be careful though, because some of the floor tiles are trapped and when they are ignited a large portion of the floor becomes electrified (and it is brutal).  I tried in vain to locate any possible trap boxes for these floor traps but couldn’t find any.  Although looking at the DDOWiki, it does appear that there are some.  In any case we accidentally set off the first trap and almost all of us became instant soul stones.  Those of us who perished, recalled and came back in and we were able to turn the first trap off and to make it further into the room.  We made it to the last panel and I knew it was too simple.  When we through the tile piece, another trap went off and to top that off we released some angry archons who weren’t too happy with our stupidity, lol.  We got killed again dealing with the archons and the traps and we actually got suck here for a little while having to re-enter at least twice.  I was finally able to make my way across the trap and take out one of the archons and then glanced around.  It then dawned on me that the last switch to open the last doorway was not on the floor but was on the wall and called a “Button.”  I then remembered Axel’s YouTube channel andI remembered seeing this situation in his walk through of it.  Talk about feeling dumb.  In any case, I made my way to the “Button” and as soon as I hit it the traps turned off.

 photo And there is the maze_zpsqtdmuzss.jpg

That electrified floor is not a fun thing in the Trial of Intelligence.

The last trial, Trial of Strength, was perhaps the most brutal for us.  This last trial involved battling the champion of the archons and her help.  We had hard time in here, as we were split between attacking the supporting archons and then the main boss.  We got killed once again, with blade barriers swirling everywhere, and we re-entered once again.  This time though we made our way directly to boss and focused primarily on her.  Hellbanisher was still taking some heavy damage from the other supporting archons and eventually broke off to take care of them but we eventually took them down.

 photo Fighting the Champion of the Archons_zpsotpqqfq1.jpg

The Crawlers working on dealing with the champions of the archons.

Overall, I thought this quest was particularly interesting.  I don’t agree with a lot of people who felt that this quest was just a pushover.  It definitely caused us some problems, but none of the problems we encountered were not insurmountable.  If we didn’t set off the electrified floor in the Trial of Intelligence I think the quest would have gone much smoother.  The end fight was still a rough for us.  Our main problem with the end boss was that we didn’t have anything to get pass the damage reduction.  I even tried using an anarchic quarterstaff thinking she would take chaotic damage but that didn’t seem to be effective either.  The various trials and the layout of the quest I found fun.  I will probably take a number of other characters through, especially since the quests are level 13.  I’m sure once I get through the quest a few more times, I will get a better hang of it.  In either case, it was a challenging quest for us and quite interesting!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Shavarath!!


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