Banking Levels and Timing!!

A while back, I wrote up an article talking about how I like to hold or bank levels during my character’s adventures.  I mentioned in that post that one of the tricks to maintaining such a method to leveling is to remember to level up as you approach your maximum allowable experience.  You don’t want to run a quest that you know will reward you for 10,000 experience when you can only receive 7,000 experience because you lose out on that extra 3,000 experience.  In most instances when I run into these types of situations, where I am getting close to a level (say within 20,000 or 30,000 experience), I determine when to level based on the quest and the amount of experience I expect to be granted.  If I think the quest would give me more than I can acquire for the cap at that moment then I will go ahead and level, that way I don’t lose any potential experience.

However, I ran into a rather new situation a few weekends ago when I took Erdrique (Level 16 Rogue) through the quests from Update 27: Trials of the Archons.  At the time we started those quests, I was level 15.  So I was getting the elite bravery bonus streak as we made our way through them.  I believe I needed about 100,000 experience of so to level (it might have been more around 75,000 or so, can’t remember for sure).  As we were making our way through the three quests (The Archons’ Trials, Demon Assault, and The Devil’s Details) I was watching my experience gains to make sure I didn’t have any issues with leaving any experience behind.  As we made our way through the first two quests and started for The Devil’s Details I noted that I needed about another 25,000 or so before I was going to lose out on experience and be forced to level up to 16.

Well, one thing I didn’t really consider at this point was the potential experience gains from the latest monster manual volume.  Now just recently, I wrote up on how much experience I gained from hitting numerous monster manual deeds and I really do like those rewards 🙂 !!  However, in this instance I might have actually lost out on some experience.  See, what happened to me was that as we made our way through the Devil’s Details, I started to collect monster manual deeds for abishai.  Now, I had expected to be encountering some abishai but I didn’t realize how many we would be encountering.  Before I new it, I had gathered at least 10,000 or so experience from my monster manual deeds, from both the slayer and hunter deeds.  I also gained a few deeds from the orthons as well.

 photo The abishai are going to be a pain_zpsaz8lnio0.jpg

Erd and the Crawlers getting ready to collect some abishai slayers for the monster manual.

By the time we completed the quest, I had earned at least half of the experience I needed.  When the quest ended, I had earned just under 22,000 experience.  Couple that with the monster manual experience I gained from hitting those deeds, I had earned well over 30,000 experience, to bad I only really gained 25,000 of it :(.  Oh well, I will have to remember when hitting up quests with new monsters in them and when I’m close to leveling to take those in consideration when it comes to thinking about leveling.

One thing I can definitely say, there is a plenty of experience out there :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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