Thinking About the Mummies of the Wiz-King

A couple of weekends ago, I took Erdrique (Level 16 Rogue) through the Chamber of Riayum, also known as the Tomb of the Wizard-King.  I had some help from Khamels and as we made our way through that great pyramid I wondered about some of the enemies you encounter in this huge structure.  Most notably, I was wondering about the mummy guardians.  Now, there are a plethora of enemies in the Tomb of the Wizard King but there aren’t that many different types of enemies.  You basically have some gnolls and hyenas in the beginning, a few clay golems, skeletons (archers, warriors, and casters), mummies (mummy guardians, mummy avengers, mummy prince, eternal gatekeepers), scorpions, ghasts, and some mephits (excluding the named enemies).

The enemies I started to wonder about was the mummy guardians.  In nearly every coffin you break, you come across a very angry and vicious mummy guardian.  I imagine these mummies were perhaps some of the higher level servants to the terrible tyrant Raiyum when they were living.  I’m guessing he entombed them for his own servants in the afterlife.  However, every once in awhile we would come across one that was quite stubborn and just refused to attack.

 photo Why Cant all of the Mummies by like this guy_zpsrybaak7e.jpg

So what is the deal with this mummy guardian in the Wiz King?

So I wondered, what was the deal with this particular enemy?  Now thinking about this a little bit, I began to wonder on how loyal or faithful these servants truly are.  I get the sense that in these cases, these ex-servants weren’t very happy serving King Raiyum and don’t wish to help to protect him.  Heck, they might even be hopeful that we can destroy him.  Of course they won’t aid us in that endeavor, but they won’t stop us either.  All of this just makes me realize two things: 1).  Good help and loyal servants are hard to find and 2). If you aren’t a good boss but a tyrant expect to be abandoned!!

Now what is actually going on is probably some type of glitch or perhaps these things are just truly “dead” and not undead.  However, I do get the feeling that these things are supposed to be attacking the party.  In any case, I believe these “baddies” have decided to throw a mini-revolt against the Wizard King :).

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Wizard King!!


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