Red Fens and DDO Store Loot

Over the last two weeks, I have been taking Erdrique (Level 17 Rogue) through the Red Fens slayer zone.  He currently is working on the last slayer mark, having eclipsed the 5,000 kill mark a last week.  In any case, one thing I have noticed lately is that I seem to be pulling more DDO store loot from the rare encounter chests than in other areas or quests, at least recently.  For instance, this past week I took out the Nab Ren, the named sahuagin on top of the Ziggurat, and in his chest I pulled 100 Omnispell Stones.

 photo Interesting loot pulls from the Red Fens_zps5w1vkrfj.jpg

Erdrique coming across some lucky loot in the Red Fens.

Now prior to that run, I was taking Erdrique through the Red Fens and I took on Sharkbiter, the name scrag in the hidden cave under one of the plethora of waterfalls in the area.  Out of his chest I pulled a Mark of Yugoloth.

 photo Getting a Mark of the Yugoloth in Red Fens_zpsooqbm9n1.jpg

Erdrique coming across some rare crafting loot out of Sharkbiter’s chest in the Red Fens.

I’m beginning to wonder if I should have characters permanently parked out in the Red Fens to farm DDO Store loot ::!!  In any case, I thought it was pretty interesting to note and thought I would pass it along.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out in the Fens!!


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