Thinking About Auraxylion and His Recruiting Mechanics

Over the past few months, I have been running quite a number of Cannith Challenges lately.  In particular, I have been running the three challenges that are based on the Extraplanar Palace.  These include the challenges The Dragon’s Hoard, Labor Shortage, and Buying Time.  The Extraplanar Palace is a wondrous building that has been created by the powerful spectral dragon, Auraxylion.  The Extraplanar Palace is located between the various planes and is basically Auraxylion’s home and repository for his crystal hoard.

 photo Erd and Okhamel fighting Auraxilon_zpsyvkfwld6.jpg

Taking on Auraxylion in the Extraplanar Palace.

One thing that I noticed while running through these challenges is that the enemies you encounter in the Extraplanar Palace are quite a mix of creatures.  The majority of these creatures are outsiders of one sort or another.  What makes this even more interesting, is that some of these outsiders are known to not to be too friendly with each other.  Some of the outsider enemies you will encounter include mephits, ice flensers, fire reavers, succubi, jariliths, and yugoloth arcanaloth casters.  There are also three powerful boss outsiders that may appears roaming around including Devashta (a red named Marilith), Salteshka (an orange named rhaksasha), and Graezil (orange named hag).  There appears to be only one type of enemy that you will come across that doesn’t appear to be an outsider and those are the animated armors (constructs) that you encounter frequently throughout the palace.

 photo Erd tripping Salteskhka in Labor Shortage_zpsj8ynwbke.jpg

Erdrique tripping Salteskha in Extraplanar Palace.

Taking a look at this interesting set of monsters, I wondered how Auraxylion was able to pull together these powerful and prideful outsiders together and better yet how he was able to get them to work with each other.  I would think that a spectral dragon such as Auraxylion would be able to build an army composed of more “agreeable” monsters.  Perhaps those type of monsters that would hold dragons in high esteem or are known to be comparative would have been more of a wise decision.  Auraxylion must have a powerful incentive for these monsters to work together.  I’m guessing that these monsters have either left or have been banished from their original plane or homeworld and Auraxylion has found a way to recruit these wayward troops into his service.  I’m also wondering if Auraxylion has somehow established a alliance with the demons in Shavarath and maybe that explains why Devashta and Salteska are within the palace.  They could be acting as emissaries for him.

 photo Fighting Animated Armors in Labor Shortage_zpsvwasvmpr.jpg

Battling some of the animated armors in the Extraplanar Palace.

In either case, his ability to recruit these forces is quite impressive and is a testament to his strength and his abilities.  I’m also guessing that the animated armors belong to those would be raiders and adventurers who suffered a slow and agonizing death at the teeth of Auraxylion and now have been raised and animated by Auraxylion to support his outsider army.  A nice little addition to his forces indeed.

 photo Erd battling the mephits and flenser in Labor Shortage_zpsycdju8yc.jpg

Taking on the ice flensers and mephits of the Extraplanar Palace.

It is interesting to think about the possible ties Auraxylion has to the other areas we have come across in our adventuring.  I wonder if this will be explored further.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Extraplanar Palace.


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