Pondering My Reincarnation Strategies

My main character Erdrique (Level 17 Rogue) is currently working his way through his heroic lives on his way to completionist.  So far, I have completed  paladin, fighter, ranger, cleric, barbarian, druid, and monk lives with my next plan to do a bard life.  One thing I have noticed over the last few lives is that I tend to reach level 20 well before I get out of the Gianthold area.  This generally means that I’m undergoing a heroic true reincarnation before I even get out into the Orchard, the Vale of Twilight, Harbinger of Madness, and many other quest packs.  The reason why this occurs is primarily the method I used to run quests.  Unlike many players who tend to look for the most efficient route to get through their past lives, I like to learn and adjust to my new class and to explore the variety of the quests we have in game, whether or not they are high experience quests or not.  So I typically just tend to sort my Adventure Compendium by quest level and then start to down the row of quests in order.  Combine this with the experience you gain from the Monster Manual, the daily and weekly dice rolls, bravery bonus streaks, greater tome of learning, experience potions, daily experience bonus, VIP bonus, experience bonus weekends, completing challenges, and completing explorer zones generally allows me to hit level 20 well before I get out of the Gianthold.  For instance, Erdrique is at level 17 (with level 18 banked) and he still has yet to complete Against the Demon Queen Pre-raid (level 14 on elite) and  Seigebreaker (level 15 on eilte).  I actually plan on knocking these out this weekend.

Now, I knew that this would most likely be the case, that I would level up to 20 before hitting a good chunk of the later content (in terms of level).  However, I expected that I would still be playing through those quests that Erdrique tended to miss with my other characters.  But, what I have found instead is that my other characters are running into their own “out leveling” situations.  Most of my characters are single life characters that have lesser experience tomes applied to them but they tend to out level quests as I go up the line in my Compendium as well and I tend to play them much, much less.  So I’m still getting not getting into those quests between the Gianthold and through to Eveningstar.

 photo Erd making his way to activate an extractor_zpsrk7xbrkh.jpg

Erdrique making his way to an extractor on Kobold Island.  He is level 17 now and it is time to re-evaluate his plan through his reincarnation path.

I then also realized something else the other day.  Shortly after I hit level 17 with Erdrique, I went to check my shared bank to see how many Tokens of the Twelve and Fragments of Tokens of the Twelve I had.  I noticed that I only seem to have a few hundred in my bank.  Now it is possible that my epic characters (Wapoyei, Rimuldar, Larrs, Sludgge, Koll, and Garrrin) have a number of fragments in their ingredients bags but they won’t have enough for me to get the 20 Tokens I need to for my next Heart of Wood which means I will have to play Erdrique through some epic levels to gain those fragments.  So, this makes we wonder if I should change my reincarnation strategy.

Before epic and iconic reincarnations were developed, I was content with hitting level 20 and starting back over.  I wanted to keep that process after epic and iconic reincarnations were released primarily because I was already used to doing what I had planned and once I create a plan I like to stick to it.  I also was hesitant to quest all the way up to level 28 and getting the Karma I need to do an epic reincarnation and then quickly undergoing a heroic true reincarnation.  However, I’m beginning to rethink this strategy.  If I go ahead and start doing an epic reincarnation as well as heroic reincarnation I will be able to experience more of the questing experience with Erdrique, I will gain more experience with that particular class as well as the quests, I will earn another set of abilities to use during heroic reincarnations, and I can work on gathering fragments and seeds at the same time.  However, the big drawbak is the time it will take for me to grind out that extra experience from level 20 to level 28 (and soon up to level 30).

I’m going to have to give this some more thought and see how it goes.  I was actually planning on this type of path with Hamllin, who is my only other reincarnated character.  Hamllin only has one past life and is in a perfect position to play with this type of mindset.  I guess it all depends on strategy and which I think is more efficient to do.  My original plan for Erdrique was when he finished his heroic lives he would then focus on epic reincarnations.  Maybe it is time to start combining these together.  Looks like I have some planning to work on in the near future :).


10 thoughts on “Pondering My Reincarnation Strategies

  1. It really doesn’t take that long to do an Epic life, mostly because the experience there is completely bananas. The first time in, when you don’t have a lot of epic gear, now that can be kind of rough.. but once you get your basic gear set lined up, it’s gravy, and significantly faster than Heroic. Once you learn what’s what, it’s totally doable to knock out over a million XP in s single night – try and do that in Heroic! – and the 6.6M goes by in a flash.


    • Yeah, I’ll have to dig out and grind out some epic gear but I’m starting to think that might be the way to go-hit up epic reincarnation and then straight into a heroic true reincarnation.


      • Honestly, it’s the way I’ve been doing it, and I don’t think I’d go back. Even one epic past life makes a tasty difference in Heroic. And I know I keep harping about it, but who doesn’t love a character that regenerates 300hp/min? Lol


    • Yeah, I’m definitely leaning that way. However, I did just find 3 Tokens of the Twelve and nearly 700 fragments. I’ll probably at least give it a shot and see how long it takes me to get level 28.


  2. For the hearts, I find it helpful to always have a character at cap and to run her now and then. You only need 42 heart seeds, and you get two every quest completion when you are capped.


  3. The titles of your blog posts are not showing up when I reblog them to ddocentral.com. This happened for this post and the previous one. Please look into why this might be occurring.


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