Loot From Breakables Versus Chests

I have mentioned this a couple of times in other blog posts, how I enjoy the change that was put into DDO awhile back where you have a chance of getting some nice loot from breakables, which encourages players to take a few seconds to destroy barrels, crates, and vases.  However, relatively recently I have been noticing that I have been getting better loot out of these breakables that in the quests.  An example of this was when I took Hamllin (Level 16 Fighter) through the Demon Queen Pre-raid (Against the Demon Queen).  As we made our way through the quest, I broke a stone jug (or ornate jug or vase, whatever is on the platform with all the efreeti that spiders out into the individual paths) and I had a pretty nice longsword drop.  It was a +3 Poison Longsword of Draining.

 photo Nice longsword_zpsiqtjqkhu.jpg

Hamllin finding a pretty nice longsword in a jug in Against the Demon Queen.

However, what I realized as we limped out way through the fight with Lailat at the end of the quest, was that this was the best item I looted through the quest.  We got three chests, the one hidden behind a wall with the wildmen, the one underwater, and the end chest (I forgot to go back and get the chest at the scorrow) and I realized that none of the loot I found in those chests was as nice as this randomly created item from a breakable.  I then noticed later while playing with Erdrique (Level 17 Rogue) that a Dexterous +6 Belt dropped for him from a crate in Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Behind the Door which was the best item I came across from supply chests I received when I completed the quest.  Just reinforces my notion to remember to get those breakables destroyed for the potential loot they may drop.  Although I am worried if this will be the source of my “better” loot as opposed to the chests.  Maybe I just have some weird random loot rolls going at the moment!!

In any case, don’t forget to break those crates, barrels, vases, and jugs.  They might be the source of your best loot for a given quest run!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

2 thoughts on “Loot From Breakables Versus Chests

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