A Look at Mired in Kobolds

It has been a rather busy weekend for my main character, Erdrique (Level 17 Rogue).  One of the quests he knocked out this weekend is Mired in Kobolds.  Mired in Kobolds is an interesting quest in that it is perhaps the earliest quest where you get to battle a dragon (excluding Auraxylion from the Extraplanar Palace Challenges or Velah from the Vault of Night Raid).  The quest giver for Mired in Kobolds is Smiley Smythe, who is located in open air tavern in the Twelve.  Smiley tells you that his caravan was ambushed by a bad of nasty and powerful kobolds.  Needless to say, he is very upset about the incident and wishes to get revenge, therefore he asks for some help.  He also tells us that these kobolds are not your average kobold and are much more powerful than their sewer dwelling cousins.  To get to the quest you simply click the wagon that is behind him and it transports you to the Driftwood Mire.

 photo The Swamp Fang Kobolds in Mired in Kobolds_zpsyjkh9kue.jpg

Erdrique in the Driftwood Mire dealing with the swamp fang kobolds.

Mired in Kobolds is a level 13 quest on normal, making a level 15 quest on elite.  The area you are transported too, the Driftwood Mire, is nothing more than a swampy type landscape.  Although area looks to be quite expansive, the map is limited to a narrow pathway through the swamp.  As the quest implies, you come across plenty of kobolds.  However, as Smiley has warned, these kobolds are quite strong and have within their ranks heavily armored warriors, powerful shamans, and annoying throwers.  The most powerful of the kobolds include the black scaled kobold fighters and the black scaled kobold shamans.  The shamans will heal their comrades so it is important to get rid of them as soon as possible.  The other kobolds are swamp fang kobolds which are more powerful than the typical kobold but not nearly as strong as the black scaled kobolds.

 photo Interesting Crystals_zpsbcha4dxg.jpg

Interesting crystals in the Driftwood Mire.

Scattered throughout the Driftwood Mire are a number of unstable red crystals.  These crystals appear to be a source of power for these kobolds.  Be extremely careful when dealing with these crystals.  In many instances the crystals are surrounded by black scaled shamans and they will through lightning at you.  When the crystals are destroyed, they tend to destroy, or to severely hurt, anything that is around them.  It is best to range them whenever possible.  The crystals need to be destroyed because they all control barriers that are released when the crystals break.

 photo Taking down the crystals in Mired in Kobolds_zpsp5o27t0u.jpg

Taking out the crystals from a distance.

There aren’t any true traps in the quest.  The crystals will do some damage to you and stun you if you get to close to them when they exploded and there are patches of thick and spikey overgrowth that will also inflict damage on you so it is why to say out those patches.  There are a few optionals in the quest, two of which require you to cull out the kobold tribe.  One of the optionals is to rescue a wayward prisoner, who just happens to be a certain Wayfinder you have met before, Dael.  Dael supposedly was captured on her way to taking the Seal of Shan-to-Kor to the city of Sharn.  The fourth optional is a special one, where you will be give the opportunity to take on an elder black dragon.

 photo Look who we have here_zpsxezxu6sl.jpg

Look who I found.

 photo Preparing for the first  black dragon_zpsuvq1dkuf.jpg

So this is who is leading these kobolds.

Speaking of dragons, as you make your way to the end of the Mire you come across a barrier that is supported by more crystals and behind that barrier is a number of kobolds and a young black dragon, Varath.  Varath is the first dragon our adventurers come across in a standard quest.  Once the crystals are taken down a portal pops up that allows you to warp through the barrier to fight Varath.  Now, this fight is extremely tricky.  The kobolds in Varath’s area include those black scale kobold fighters and shamans.  It is best to take these out as soon as possible, especially the shamans.  Varath uses a number of attacks, including his acid breath attack, tail slaps, and bites.  The area he is in is also littered with those spikey growth plants that do damage to you.  Varath is a tenacious and arrogant fighter but he appears to be easily intimidated as my owlbear seemed to have no problem getting his attention, allowing me to flank and sneak attack.

 photo Sneak attacking Varath_zps82octgil.jpg\

Erdrique flanking Varath in Mired in Kobolds.

After Varath is killed the quest is completed.  At that point you will have access to a number of chests and gold mounds as well as see a shrine emerge.  You also notice that some other quests are still warded and cannot be opened.  At this point you need to decide to stay or leave.  Although the quest is completed, it isn’t over.  In a few minutes after Varath is killed, a huge ancient black dragon arrives, Sinvala.  Sinvala is the mother to Varath and she isn’t pleased to see her son slaughtered by regular mortals.  Shortly after she appears the shrine disappears and she hops down to lay down her own furious attack.  To make things worse, a number of skeleton archers will spawn making this encounter even that much more interesting.  Like Varath, Sinvala loves to use her breath weapon, tail sweeps, and bites.  She is much stronger and has a whole lot more hit points than her son and this fight can drag on for quite some time.  I usually take the skeletons as soon as possible so they aren’t harassing me and then focus entirely on her.  If you defeat her, the other worded chests will open up to you.

 photo This doesnt look fun_zps425krog4.jpg

Erdrique is now thinking that sticking around wasn’t a wise idea.

This quest is definitely quite a challenge but the challenge really only occurs at the end fight.  Another thing to note about this quest, is that you have a small chance to get a black dragon scale.  I was actually fortunate enough to get one after I defeated Sinvala :).  In any case, if you want a challenging end fight, check out this quest.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Driftwood Mire!!


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