Some More Notes on the Ruins of Gianthold

Yesterday I explained some things that I noticed about the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic) landscape area and quests and today I want to continue on that line of thinking.  As I continue to take Erdrique (Level 18 Rogue) through this fun and interesting area I keep noticing some things that didn’t click with me before.  As I ran through the quests Feast or Famine (Orc Lair), Maze of Madness (Minotaur Lair), Trial by Fire (Troll Lair), A Cry for Help (Rakshasha Lair), and Foundation of Discord (Aurum Lair) I noticed that the primary inhabitants of each lair tend to use a different “pet” species.  For some reason I just thought this a interesting.  Each one of the previously mentioned quests contain a different guardian or pet race in addition to the primary occupants of the lair.

In the Orc Lair, we find the ever annoying worg as guardian of favor for the brutal Wyrm Cult orcs.  The worgs are a good match for the orcs as they have the same type of evil and vile presence,  The worgs enhance the orc troops by being extremely sneaky and wasting no time in trying to trip and knockdown their enemies.  Their evil red eyes just compliment the feeling the orcs have in this lair.

Moving over to the other side of the Gianthold, we see that the pet of choice for the minotaurs is the razor cat.  In the Minotaur Lair, razor cats are allowed to roam around the maze and to sneak up and devour any unfortunate souls who happen to want to braze the maze.  Razor cats are large and powerful cat like magical beasts that have a few powerful attacks including an annoying trip attack, the ability to inflict damage from their razor sharp hair, and having some damage reduction.  Definitely a challenging creature to come across in the middle of maze.

Not to far away from the Minotaur Lair, the trolls tend to favor the use of vermin as their guardians of choice.  In the Troll Lair, we find some powerful eight legged and creepy critters, the ancient arachnids. The ancient arachnid is a large spider and they tend to like to swarm the unwary adventurer.  They guard a number of the hallways in the Troll Lair and in other areas they work in tandem with the trolls to make an adventurers life quite challenging.

 photo Taking on the ancient arachnids in the Troll Lair_zpsbmdxfs0p.jpg

Erdrique coming across an ancient arachnid in the Troll Lair.

The next beast we come across, as we make our way to the Rakshasa Lair is the jarilith.  This makes some sense to me, considering that the rakshasa and the jarilith are both evil outsiders.  It is also interesting to see these “tiger men” to favor as a guardian a “lion” type beast.  Jariliths are extremely powerful and deadly creatures.  They can knock you down quite easily and can render a character with fear.  They also have damage reduction and they can be quite stealthy.

Now the Aurum tend to employ a different type of guardian.  Instead of having a flesh-based beast, the Aurum have decided to use a construct as its main guardian, the shrieking defender.  The shrieking defender is a large dog like construct that attacks its enemies without abandon.  They have the ability to shoot out a cyclonic blast like ability that can stun a character and make things extremely annoying in the Aurum lair.

 photo Erd and Okhamel fighting in the Aurum Lair_zpsdbgpjiv4.jpg

Erdrique and his party taking on a shrieking defender in the Aurum Lair.

The next lair, the Hobgoblin Lair (A Cabal for One), which I haven’t done yet during this life with Erdrique, also has a dog like guardian.  The hobgoblins in Gianthold tend to use winter wolves as their guardians.  I find this quite interesting because in the quests with hobgoblins prior to Gianthold they tend to use wolves, worgs, or spiders.  However, these hobgoblins have decided to use the more powerful winter wolf.  Winter wolves are extremely stealthy and like to shoot out a cone of cold like breath attack weapon besides their basic bite and claw attacks.  They are large, white wolves and patrol the hallways with their hobgoblin masters.

So I was thought about these interactions, I then wondered what type of guardians or pets the gnolls or ogres would have if they were granted their own lairs as well.  To me, there is no doubt that the gnolls would want to have hyenas in their lair as their guardians and to augment their troops.  Now the ogres though are quite interesting.  We have seem them using worgs and spiders in the past.  Since the ogres are from the Runetusk clan, I can easily see them bringing in some wildmen from the Restless Isles as their guardians or pets.  Or perhaps the ogres could recruit some other critter into their ranks.

So whenever you get a chance, take a look at these various “guardians” or “pets” in Gianthold as you make your way through your adventures!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Gianthold!!


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