A Look Back at an Interesting Week, Quest Runs August 31st to September 3rd

My activities in DDO this week were quite fun 🙂 and quite challenging!!  Over this week, I had two different characters hit new levels, I completed an explorer zone with one of my characters, had some challenges in some epic questing, and started an interesting PUG run.  Things got kicked off first thing on Monday morning when I took Cannock (Level 7 Druid) out into the Cerulean Hills.  Cannock won’t have much more to do out there before he moves off to the Waterworks explorer zone.  Later that afternoon, I took Hamllin (Level 17 Fighter) out into Ataraxia’s Haven and continued to work on his 1,500 slayer mark.  On Monday night I logged on with Erdrique (Level 18 Rogue) I took him back out into the Red Fens to continue his quest to get those 7,500 slayers and then I moved him over to run in the Ruins of Gianthold.  While out in the Gianthold, I ran over to the quest A Cry for Help and knocked it out on elite and then I went over and worked on another Cannith Challenge, Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage.  After I completed Labor Shortage, I called it a night.  Unfortunately we didn’t do the weekly Monday night digital table top game as we didn’t have enough folks logging in because they had to take care of real life things :(.

 photo Sending some flames towards the orc_zps26dt3svh.jpg

Cannock sending a ball of flames toward an orc in the Cerulean Hills.

 photo What a swarm_zpsmxme8nqp.jpg

Hamllin dealing with a swarm of scorpions in Ataraxia’s Haven.

 photo Hunting in the Fens_zpsb88uarlf.jpg

Errdrique taking on the spiders of the Red Fens.

 photo Erd looking for some fun in GH_zpsqb7ibpwc.jpg

Erdrique making his way through the Stormeye area of Gianthold.

 photo Erd going to work_zpscednaehr.jpg

Erdrique going to work on a trap box in A Cry for Help.

 photo Erd fighting another Marilith_zpsav4ioe5v.jpg

Erdrique dealing with a marilith in the Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage.

On Tuesday, I started out the day by taking Tuhnn (Level 15 Bladeforged) out into the Sands of the Menechtarun.  Tuhnn’s progress out there has been quite slow, I will have to get him moving through that area soon.  I missed my opportunity to log in during the afternoon but it made it up later that night when I logged on with Erdrique and joined up with Okhamel.  We headed off into the Ruins of Gianthold and then blasted through the quest Foundation of Discord.  Everything went great with Foundation of Discord except I got killed fighting the end poss in his collapsed pit.  Luckily he only had a thread of health left and Okhamel was able to take him on and get me back up.  After we completed Foundation of Discord, we switched characters.  I logged on with Lorrikk (Level 13 Monk) who I had planned on playing that night.  Okhamel switched to Twotoe and then I put up a group in the LFG panel and we headed out to do the Xorian Chiper.  We made our way through The Path to Madness on elite and started Xorian Cipher when we started to get requests to join the group.  We had two others join us as we took on the crazy forces of Xoriat.  We had some interesting time dealing with the traps, as we didn’t have a full fledged rogue in the group, but we made it past them.  Overall it was a fun run and it was good to get some PUGS into a group.  When the quest was completed, I hit level 13 with Lorrikk and went to level up before I headed off for the night.

 photo Tuhnn disturbing the Windlashers_zpsfsh93pyq.jpg

Tuhnn using his greatsword with deadly accuracy against the gnolls in the Sands of Menechtarun.

 photo Erd going to work unlocking a chest_zpszzd1ihxq.jpg

Okhamel waiting for Erdrique to pick the lock to the mindflayer chest in Gianthold.

 photo Erd and Okhamel fighting in the Aurum Lair_zpsdbgpjiv4.jpg

Erdrique and Okhamel making their way through Foundation of Discord.

 photo Lorrikk and Twotoe dealing with undead in the Path to Madness_zpstxahrv80.jpg

Lorrikk and Twotoe making their way through The Path to Madness to Xorian Cipher.

 photo Lorrikk traveling across the transparant bridge_zpsga01orfm.jpg

Lorrikk running across the transparent bridge in Xorian Cipher.

Wednesday I started the day by taking Stoorage (Level 12 Fighter) into Sorrowdusk Isle.  He is slowly making his way to the 1,500 slayer mark and only needs one more rare encounter to complete the area.  In the afternoon, I took Hamllin back out into Ataraxia’s Haven.  By this point the only thing I still needed was to find the last rare encounter, the aboriginal rust monster Bestore.  He eventually spawned and I was able to complete the area.  Since Wednesday is my date night with my wife, that was the end of the questing for the night.

 photo Stoorage looking for the named gargoyle in Sorrowdusk_zpszskoi1x6.jpg

Stoorage having no luck in finding the named gargoyle in Sorrowdusk Isle.

 photo Finally finding Bestore_zps0gygqkyv.jpg

Hamllin finally coming across Bestore in Ataraxia’s Haven.

Starting my questing on Thursday, I took Hamllin, who was now done with Ataraxia’s Haven, out into the Sands of Menechtarun.  While chopping down some gnolls, my monster manual went off and I realized that I had gained a monster manual deed for killing gnolls and that I now had enough experience to go to level 17.  So I then recalled and leveled Hamllin up.  In the afternoon, I logged on with Erdrique and I took him out into the Orchard of Macabre for the first time this particular life and then completed the Desecrated Temple of Vol on elite.  The more interesting quest runs came on Thursday night when I took Garrrin (Level 23 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) out into the Sands of Menechtarun to take on the quest Chains of Flame on Epic Hard.  Garrrin did pretty good but eventually got overwhelmed and got killed.  And I must say the addition of that grease and blow jet trap in the tunnel by the first shrine was just evil.  So I recalled and re-entered the Chains of Flame on epic normal and breezed through it.  However, I was glad when I opened up the epic chest at the end found a full Token of the Twelve just waiting for me :).  I called it a night after that.

 photo Hammy now moves to the desert_zpsdtvg8wfj.jpg

Hamllin looking out over the Sands of Menechtarun landscape.

 photo Erd making his way through the Orchard_zpslsml4lsc.jpg

Erdrique traveling through the gloominess of the Orchard.

 photo Erd taking out the quell and shadows in Desecrated Temple of Vol_zpso0cmofcl.jpg

Erdrique defeating a quell and battling shadows in the Desecrated Temple of Vol.

 photo Garrrin fighting the mephits in Chains of Flames_zpsg17cxcuy.jpg

Attacking the fire mephits in Chains of Flame on epic hard.

 photo Garrrin rescuing the prisoners_zpsdrrqkuu3.jpg

Garrrin rescuing the prisoners of the Burning City on epic normal after struggling on epic hard.

Having a few characters level this week was certainly nice.  It was a good week and I hope everybody else had a fun week as well.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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