The Random Number Generator Likes the Number Six

While making my way through the list of quests Erdrique (Level 18 Rogue) still didn’t complete yet, I came across those in the Orchard of the Macabre.  So, I headed out to the Orchard and decided to run the Desecrated Temple of Vol.  As I made my way through the quest on elite, I came across a number of champions.  With the recent change to allow a limited chance for mysterious remnants to drop on elite or hard for characters who are one or two levels higher than the quest I was able to come across a few champions who dropped some remnants for me.  I had two sets of drops back to back that I thought was surprising.  The first champion I encountered that drop me some remnants was after you defeat the clay golems and are fighting the undead enemies with the named quell.  This champion dropped a nice little check of remnants, 66 :).

 photo Nice number of Remnants_zpsepfkrlf2.jpg

Erdrique picking up a nice set of remnants from a champion.  Take note of the remnant behind the owlbear!!

After I had grabbed those remnants I then noticed another remnant laying on the group right behind my owlbear.  This one wasn’t as large but I found it interesting that it was 6 remnants.  So both remnant drops from these champions were entirely composed of the number 6.

 photo Must be something with 6_zpsconf2gbh.jpg

Erdrique picking up his next remnant drop and surprised to see that it was only 6 remnants.

So, I wonder if the random loot generator has a preference of the number “6” when it comes to Erdrique.  In either case,  I thought it peculiar.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out in the Orchard!!


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