Having Some Old Style Fun

One of the highlights for me this past weekend was completing some runs in Gianthold.  One of the quests that I will typically bypass during Erdrique’s (Rogue Level 18) heroic past lives is The Crucible.  The Crucible has a unique history.  When Gianthold was first released, this quest used to be one of the three flagging quests to enter Gianthold Tor.  This was changed a few years ago when that requirement was switched to A Cabal for One.  The Crucible is one of those quests where many players either hate it or they love it.  It has a number of challenging and interesting aspects that can make completing it aggravating and quite frustrating.  In the beginning of the quest you have to start out by making your way through a maze, while dodging the spells and arrows of gnoll casters and rangers.  Then you get the joy of having to make your way through a trapped obstacle course within a set amount of time, then you get the fun challenge of finding the appropriate door to open while hopefully not getting blown up, and then you get thrown into a flowing river and have to navigate a treacherous swim that is full of spikes that river’s current forces you into.  After all of this, you then get pitted against the enemy bosses in an all out battle royal.  The most notable issue with this quest is by far the swim and many players have had so many issues with the swim that they refuse to do crucible.  Characters that have improved evasion and high reflex saves reign supreme during this portion of the quest.

 photo Hunting the Tor_zpskkxjb2jb.jpg

Preparing for further combat in Gianthold Tor.

I have to admit, I’m typically not playing a high reflex save character but I figured during this life that it would be fun to give the Crucible a try this past weekend, especially with two of my fellow guild members being on.  In the past I, I dreaded the maze and feared the swim.  Although we did get turned around in the maze a couple of times, we made it through quite painlessly.  I also do did the swim and had no problems at all.  Overall, making our way through these obstacles and through the quest turned out to be an extremely fun time and we all had a great time.  And to make things even better, our quest run didn’t take long at all.  In the past, it wasn’t unusual for me to get stuck in that quest for at least an hour and a half.  This time we made our way through it in about 45 minutes or so.  This run through the Crucible has was just a fun experience for me!!

The second quest that was extremely enjoyable for me this weekend was our run through Gianthold Tor.  Typically I have been completing this quest by myself and just getting the quest completed and working on the optional objectives of taking on the dragons and their giant guardians.  This time though we decided to give them a shot.  I had expected to run into some problems with the dragons, especially the white dragon and stone giant.  However, the exact opposite happened.  Yes, some of us did get killed but we never wiped at any of the encounters and a couple of times I was able to score the killing blows on the dragon and the giant, such as I did with the black dragon and his fire giant guardian, Blaze.

 photo Getting the killing blow_zpsmy4uc94t.jpg

Looking at my combat log, I was lucky enough to land the killing blows on both Rhindvutha and Blaze.

All in all, it was fun and I forgot how much fun those quests and/or aspects of those quests can be.  Of course now, if we were getting slaughtered I probably wouldn’t thought it was that fun.  But in either case, we all had a good time 🙂 and got some more dragon scales for our efforts!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out in Gianthold!!


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