Coming Across a Green Dragon

One of the most iconic creatures in D&D and by extension in DDO, are of course dragons.  Although there are plenty of dragons currently in the game, it is still quite an experience to come across one.  One place you can find a green dragon is at the end of the quest, Don’t Drink the Water.  I just ran Don’t Drink the Water with Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Magister).  Don’t Drink the Water is located in Eveningstar in the Forgotten Realms portion of DDO.  The quest giver is named Unmar Halberg.  Unmar, however, won’t talk to you about the quest until you complete the Darkening Story Arc (or at least the Battle of Eveningstar Quest).  Unmar, when you can talk to him about the quest, let’s you know that the water from the well in Eveningstar appears to be tainted or poisoned.  However, it is unclear as to the cause of the poisoning.  In any case, the villagers haven’t been able to replenish their water stores and they are quickly running out.  We also learn that the well is fed by a large underwater stream or river and then it occurs to Unmar that the poisoning can be occurring further up stream.  Unmar offers to lower you into the well to explore and determine the sources of the poison.

 photo Taking on Gresl-glis_zpsdlztt7al.jpg

Fighting some yuan-ti in Don’t Drink the Water.

The quest layout for Don’t Drink the Water is relatively linear.  It does have a few “circular” areas where you have to run up and around ramps to continue to push forward.  These confused me a little because I had a hard time seeing the ramps as they are just extensions of the rock and floor.  Although the quest layout is relatively straightforward, the cave that well is drawn from is nicely designed and quite fun to look it.  There, of course, a stream that you follow and you see a few waterfalls while exploring the cave.  At one point you can see through the top of the cavern and out into the night sky of Cormyr.

 photo Fighting a green dragon_zpsefdz1cgu.jpg

Rimuldar slinging some spell at the green dragon.

The monsters you encounter are primarily yuan-ti, until you get to Tharmalos, the green dragon at the end of the quest.  The yuan-ti include rangers (sharp shooters), abominations (fighter types), and Disciples of Zehir (clerical types).  These yaun-ti tend to be camping out at three separate barriers that they are maintaining to help protect Tharmalos.  After you deafeat a set of yuan-ti, the barrier goes down until you reach the next set of yuan-ti.  In between those fights, you may encounter some other random creatures which include mudmen, water elementals, dryads, vine horrors, and dire bears.  I was actually a little surprised to see the dire bears, but I guess these creatures are using the cavern as its own home cave.  Then again, I’m not entirely sure how they go there but still.

 photo A strong battle_zps0pqkqnlj.jpg

Fighhting Tharmalos in Don’t Drink the Water.

The end fight is the most intriguing aspect of this particular quest.  After you pass the third barrier you finally come across the source of the water’s poisoning, the great green dragon, Tharmalos.  Tharmalos is pretty impressive creature.  A large green dragon who is located in the middle of a pretty spacious cavern.  The cavern is then littered with acid pools to make the fight even more interesting.  Tharmalos isn’t a stationary dragon and enjoys to rear up on his legs and to attack with wings, teeth, claws, dragon breath, and just out right stomping.  Luckily I was able to throw my owlbears, onyx panther, and favored soul/exalted angel hireling at him while I stood in the back hitting him with my various spells, accept for acid based spells.

 photo The party after victory_zpswkni9dyq.jpg

Rimuldar and his hireling party gathering after slaying Tharmalos (you can see him fading away).

Overall, I found the quest quite fun.  I only ran it on epic normal.  I had tried to run this quest a while back with Hellsbain and we had attempted it on epic hard back then but we ran into a huge lag spike and wound up wiping by the time the spike had finally lifted.  Since I was by myself this time, I didn’t want to take a chance with the lag spike issues.  However, I did find the quest easier than I expected on epic normal.  I also didn’t find the quest all that long nor did I find it to take that much time to run, which is also a nice thing.  I found it to be a medium length quest.  In any case, I found the quest to be fun and very interesting.  I was also given quite a nice reward as well:

 photo Nice Loot_zpsw3hg8dyc.jpg

Rimuldar pulls his first flawless green dragon scale from Don’t Drink the Water.

If you haven’t tried this quest, I would recommend it.  It is a fun and it does gives you an opportunity to take on a green dragon!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out in Eveningstar!!


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