Those Are the Best Champions!!

Ever since the champions have been implemented, I have seen their ever present crowns floating over a number of “unusual” creatures and monsters in my questing.  For instance, I just took Erdrique (Level 18 Rogue) through the quest Missing on elite and I came across a champion that wasn’t quite a stellar enemy.  The champion crown was floating over a dead dog that wound being a meal for the tharaahk hound, Pale Fire.

 photo Whats up with the dead champion dog_zpskjgutznj.jpg

Erdrique coming across the great powerful champion…oh wait…

So far I have come across a number of these type of champions.  I have seen some champion slimes and puddings, some champion NPCs that you have to interact with or save, and then I have come across a few NPCs that are marked as champions that you can recruit to your party (or to help/aid your party) but they then lose their “champion” status and their crown and become much weaker as soon as they join you.  Now I wonder how that happens!!

Does it get any better than finding these champions 🙂 ?

LOL, thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting and your quest to discover and defeat the most powerful champions in the game!!


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