Moving Through the Disciples of Shadow Chain

I haven’t done a whole lot of the quests out in Eveningstar.  I hope to change that a little bit with my strategy of taking Erdrique (Level 20 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) up to level 28 to do his first epic reincarnation and then to proceed directly to his next heroic true reincarnation.  As a result of this change in direction, I finally came across the level 15 quests that I haven’t started yet.  Erdrique was able to hit heroic cap by knocking out explorer zones, challenges, and quests in sequential order by level (baiscally anyway, I mixed it up when I started chains that had quests of various levels).  When Erdrique hit level 20 earlier this weekend, he still had one level 14 quest to complete and then higher levels.  So, after I completed my last level 14 quest on elite (which was Inferno of the Damned) I then moved over to the level 15 quests which include the Disciples of Shadow chain, which is located in Eveningstar.

***Just as a quick side note here: I had already started the Harbinger of Madness series early in the week as I had expected to finish up the Necropolis IV quests the weekend prior, so I finished up the Harbinger of Madness right after I hit level 20 and then completed Inferno of the Damned later in the weekend.

 photo Throwind down a comet in Disciples of Shar_zpskzvitltg.jpg

Erdrique bringing down a comet while fighting a pack of wolves in Disciples of Shar.

The Disciples of Shadow is a small story arc that contains three quests: Disciples of Shar, Escape Plan, and Shadow of Doubt.  The chain centers around the a troublesome and powerful worshipper of Shar, Dedryk Black.  In Disciples of Shar, you are asked by the magistrates of Cormyr to track down and stop Dedryk Black and his small cult of followers which are setting up some type of base at the foot of the Stormhorn Mountains.  Disciples of Shar is a relatively straightforward quest.  It starts out as an outdoor adventure as you make your way through some small encampment that guard a cave which appears to be the base of operations for Dredyk Black.  The enemies you encounter as you make your way through the path include human worshippers and a pack of wolves.  The quest then moves into a cave at the base of the Stormhorn mountains.  You encounter more of the Shar worshippers and even more wolves.  You will encounter traps and these set of quests are the first set of quests where we encounter bear traps which are a new change of pace.  We also encounter some new artifacts as well, most notably a peculiar looking black sphere that seems to have some type of powerful dark illumination that seems to be important to the Shar worshippers.  While moving through the caves, you get forced to double back some to through levers that open up gates to allow you to move forward.  There is also one secret door that has a hidden pride of mountain lions in it.  Now why the wolves and mountain lions seem to be “friendly” to these Shar followers is beyond me.  The end fight consists of you battling a small band of Shar followers along wiith Dedryk Black and when he gets defeated you then have to deal with a surprising enemy, a rather large and angry owlbear.

 photo Mountain lions and the disciples_zpsw8qpvk2k.jpg

Why does these mountain lions and their fellow wolves help with the Shar worshippers?

Escape Plan is quite a different style of quest from the Disciples of Shar.  Escape Plan centers around making sure Dedryk Black doesn’t escape.  Evidently there are rumors that some type of escape has been planned as the magistrates transfer Black and other prisoners to Wheloon Prison.  The magistrates have asked for your help to ensure that Dedryk gets to Wheloon.  The quest starts when the party has stopped to set up camp for the night.  Shortly later, the camp is attacked by a tribe of lizard men.  The lizard men are more powerful and more coordinated then their troglodyte cousins.  In any case, you need to defeat swarm after swarm of lizard men only to watch the leader of the lizardfolk, a shaman, to appear and to grap Black and dimension door him to another location of the map.  You then have to travel through the woods a short distance to where the shaman had sent his dimension door too.  While making your way through the woods you will encounter more wolves and ambushing lizard ment.  The end fight isn’t far from the main camp and involves fighting the shaman leader and his band of lizard men that are left.

 photo What a mess of lizard folk_zpsufh77kyq.jpg

Talk about chaos in Escape Plan.

In the third quest, Shadow of Doubt, you learn that Dedryk Black is going to be asked how he escaped Wheloon Prison to begin with (he was here originally before he set up the base in Disciples of Shar).  You are asked to help in the interrogation.  The quest begins in the Wheloon’s magistrate office and then suddenly spreads outside to the docks when these mysterious shadows came out of nowhere and begin attack the guards.  Rioting prisoners also appear.  You are forced to make your through the docks and to secure the boat and docks and then to make it back to the magistrate office.  You will primarily encounter human prionsers/rioters and these new types of shadows.  When you make your way to the magistrates office you then encounter a powerful Shadar-kai assassin who takes care of Dedryk Black before you can.  The end fight consists of you battling her and her whirling chains.

 photo Fighting the shadows in Shadow of a Doubt_zpsnbkmu3zr.jpg

Fighting the mysterious shadows in the magistrate’s office.

The entire is series is unique and I enjoy it.  I haven’t completed it all that much and was surprised to get the heroic elite version of the Branch of Vile Curses.  Although the quests are pretty straightforward, each one bring something new and unique to our adventuring careers.  The first two quests in the chain (Disciples of Shar and Escape Plan) are free while the last one (Shadow of Doubt) requires access to the Shadowfell Conspiracy Expansion Pack.  They are a fun set of quests to run and I really enjoy the fact that they don’t take a whole lot of time to complete.  If you get a chance check them out!!

 photo Interesting Quarterstaff_zpshrerpcnb.jpg

Coming across the Branch of Vile Curses.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Disciples of Shadow!!


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