If Cannith Crafting Gets Updated

One of the things I really enjoy about Cannith Crafting is the ability to upgrade my equipment as go I along.  For many items, this is a relatively simple process.  However, one thing that does get annoying is upgrading weapons and armor.  The main reason for this is because we currently do not have the ability to only upgrade or switch out a single property that has been applied to a weapon or armor.  Weapons and armor can have up to three regular properties applied to them through Cannith Crafting (now this doesn’t include augments or Stone of Change rituals).  These include an enhancement property where you can a +1 or higher shard to the item, a prefix where you can add something such as acid or holy, and a suffix where you can add something like pure good or everbright.

I was thinking about this a little awhile ago because right now Erdrique (Level 20 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) is currently using a +3 Acid Burst Quarterstaff of Pure Good with a Meteroic Star Ruby slotted into it.  If I remember correctly, this quarterstaff is currently level 16 so I was thinking of adding a +5 enhancement shard to it.  This is much easier said than done though :(.  Currently, you can’t just swapped out a single property for a Cannith Crafted weapon or armor.  Instead, you have to disjunct the entire weapon or armor and then reapply all of the effects while adding the “upgraded” effect at that time.  So, not only would you need to have the ingredients to make the +5 shard, but you would also need to have the ingredients for the acid burst and pure good shards as well.  You then have to sequentially add these effects to the weapon and armor, which takes more time than I would like because you have to wait for the crafting lag and machines to crunch the items together.  Things would be much more efficient if you could simply swap out a specific enhancement instead of disjuncting the entire item and re-crating on it.

 photo Throwind down a comet in Disciples of Shar_zpskzvitltg.jpg

Erdrique’s Cannith crafted quarterstaff with its slotted Meteoric Star Ruby summoning forth a comet.  Time to get it upgraded.

Looking at the DDOWiki, it appears that we did have the ability to swap out specific properties at one time.  It looks like that ability was removed sometime after Update 12.  I just hope when Cannith Crafting gets revisited that this feature is looked into further.  While I can “survive” without it, it would make crafting much more efficient and I would think that would just make Cannith Crafting that much better.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it all develops.  If it develops…Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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