Looking at the Quest Delirium

I recently took Erdrique (Level 20 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) through the quest Delirium on elite.  Delirium is the first of the impromptu “delirium” series which includes Acute Delirium, a level 17 quest on normal, and Terminal Delirium, a level 18 quest on normal.  However, I must also point out that Acute Delirium is part of the Reign of Madness story arc and Terminal Delirium is part of the Heart of Madness story arc which is why I’m calling the three Delirium quests as an impromptu series.  In any case, Delirium is a level 15 quest on normal (making it a level 17 on elite) that has a number of interesting aspects to it.  And some of these aspects can become quite annoying.

The quest Delirium is located in The Twelve.  The quest giver is Merla Bauderdatter who happens to be the owner of the Sleeping Spell Inn where the quest actually takes place.  Evidently a brash wizard opened up a portal to Xoriat which allowed a number of the “crazy” inhabitants of that plane to invade the Sleeping Spell Inn.  To make it worse, it seems that the wizard and other members of The Twelve are just ignoring the issue.  In any case, Merla has asked for our help to get rid of these monstrosities and to save those guests that didn’t get a chance to evacuate.

 photo Preparin for the drinking contest_zpsq8v3vjmk.jpg

Preparing for the drinking game.

The Sleeping Spell Inn is a nicely laid out facility.  It has a wide spacious lobby and a second bar and guest rooms upstairs.  It also has a large kitchen and even a basement.  The overall layout of the building is simple and straight forward.  There are a few secret doors and a locked door to the meat locker in the kitchen that hides an optional named tharaahk hound (Ruul).  Unlike most quests, this quest doesn’t start out with an immediate attack by monsters.  Instead, we find that a small party of beholders is forcing a bar tender to make them drinks at the upstairs bar.  This is the first aspect of the quest that is different from other quests.  You get asked to join a drinking game against the beholders.  Basically, if you can drink the beholders under the table you can progress forward into the quest without fighting them.  After you talk to Quixxellops, who appears to be the beholder leader, you will begin the drinking contest.  The drinking contest involves you clicking on the drinks that appear on your side of the bar.  The drinks are so potent that they will momentarily stun you and will damage you at times.  If you keep your side of the bar from filling up completely with drinks then you will win.  As the contest commences the enemy beholders will eventually die off.  If you lose the contest, then you will be forced to fight them.

 photo Gulping down the drinks_zpsncezgxjl.jpg

Gulping down the drinks for the drinking game!!

The quest then continues into the guest rooms where you rescue a few patrons from attacking flesh renders, mini-beholders, and tharaahk hounds.  You eventually come to a library that has the rusted kitchen key.  It doesn’t take long to realize the something is wrong with the key, it then starts to attack you.  As you battle the key and chase it around, a named flesh render (Bahhurat) appears that you then need to defeat.  When he is defeated, the key returns to normal and you are then able to enter the kitchen which is back on the first floor.  In the kitchen you will rescue the last patron, the hobgoblin cook.  You wind up getting attacked during this sequence by “hammies” and “clammies” which are basically zombies with either shoulders of hams for a head or zombies with clams for heads.  It is here that you an access the meat locker by picking the lock.  After you rescue the cook, you get another key to go to the basement.

In the basement you will come across more flesh renders and mini-beholders.  You will also come across a floor tile puzzle.  When the puzzle is completed it opens up the door to the main fight.  However, as you operate the floor tile puzzle, the puzzle pieces come alive and shift positions making solving the puzzle more time consuming and annoying.  This is basically a practice puzzle for the end fight.  There is also a shrine at this location to allow you gather up your strength and mana before fighting Knizzleknack, the end boss chaos beholder.  When the practice puzzle is solved, you can enter the last room.  When the entire party enters the room, the door comes back down and a large puzzle appears in the room.  Like the practice puzzle, these pieces move and create havoc.  However, Knizzleknack is obsessed with this puzzle and he must always have it completed.  He won’t attack you while the puzzle is unsolved which allows you to take advantage of this distraction.  However, this becomes more difficult because Knizzleknack will summon other help, primarily flesh renders. to defeat you.  The fight can get chaotic, which is the whole point.

 photo Fighting Knizzlenak_zpss3po9yej.jpg

Fighting Knizzleknack at the end of Delirium.

The quest is quite different and it gives you some insight in what to expect from the other two delirium quests, especially since they all take place in the Sleeping Spell Inn.  If you haven’t tried Delirium, give it a shout.  You might want to try it on normal or hard firs because it can be quite brutal on elite.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Delirium!!


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