Taking Advantage of the Stone of Change

In DDO, we have a plethora of crafting mechanisms currently employed in the game.  However, at one point, we only had two mechanisms, those being Green Steel and the Stone of Change.  Out of the two systems, the Stone of Change was far easier to complete as it didn’t require running through the Shroud and only required some collectibles in order to do some crafting.  One of the aspects that is really nice about the Stone of Change crafting is that it adds attributes to an item that you have already obtained.  So you don’t have to obtain a “blank” or strip an item of all its enhancements prior to using it.  You just simply apply a new property to your item.  It had been a little while since I worked with the Stone of Change (besides combining dragonshard fragments) and I decided to add an alchemical eldritch rituals (one of the types of crafting you can do with the Stone of Change) to a quarterstaff of mine.  I had decided to make a decent rust monster and ooze beater, so I made a +5 flaming burst quarterstaff of everbright in the Cannith Crafting Hall first.  I then took the new quarterstaff to the Stone of Change and went through the process of “attuning it.”  To use the Stone of Change you have to attune the items by applying khyber dragonshard fragments to it and when the item becomes attuned it gets bound to you (even if the item is already bound to you, attuning still must be done to use the Stone of Change).

 photo Ritual of Binding_zpsgdd5jk3r.jpg

Erdrique’s +5 Flaming Burst Quarerstaff of Everbright is now attuned and ready for new enhancement.

I decided that I wanted to add some more damage to the quarterstaff and decided to apply the alchemical eldritch ritual (recipe) that applies a point of force damage per hit to my quarterstaff.  This requires the use of luminescent dusts (requires 3) and fragrant drowshood mushrooms (requires 9).

 photo The Stone ofChange_zpslaoltoh5.jpg

Erdrique throwing the necessary ingredients for the force damage eldritch ritual into the Stone of Change.

Once I hit the “activate stone” button I then had a newly crafted quarterstaff with force damage added to it :).

 photo Ritual of Change Force Damage_zps7pa4oxms.jpg

Erdrique examining his newly enhanced quarterstaff. 

Now I just need to add the same ritual to my +5 Acid Burst Quarterstaff of Pure Good slotted with a Meteoric Star Ruby.  However, I thought there was still a “bug” where an eldritch ritual would raise the minimal level of a Cannith Crafted item, such as my quarterstaves.  However, looking at the process I did with my +5 Flaming Burst Quarterstaff of Everbright, the weapon stayed at level 16 through the entire process.  Make me think that the “bug” was fixed.  In either case, I’ll wait until level 21 until I update my primary quarterstaff.

Other things you can do with the Stone of Change include adding an additional +1 AC to a shield, an additional +1 AC to your armor, a +1 save bonus to a jewelery items, or to increase hardness/durability of an item.  The system doesn’t provide the best crafting bonuses in the world but they are easy and fun to apply.

When you get a chance, check out the Stone of Change.  Its an old crafting system but still can be quite useful!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


5 thoughts on “Taking Advantage of the Stone of Change

  1. I love the Adamantine ritual.

    My very first epic weapon was the t3 Epic Elemental Axe of Fire from challenges. Great weapon with a terrible hardness and durability, but 2 run tru the stone for addy rituals solved the issue or at least made it smaller.

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