Crystal Cove Type Weekend, Quest Runs September 18 to September 20

This past weekend was a break from my norm.  Some of this was due to the Crystal Cove being active while another was a change in which character I ran on Saturday night.  To start the weekend out I took Larrs (Level 21 Bard/Fatesinger) into the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic) for some slayer runs.  He is slowly making his way to the 1,500 mark in the Stormfist Camp.  In the afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin (Level 17 Fighter) and I continue him through the Sands of Menechtarun slayer area.  I was hopeful that I could get his last rare encounter but Commander Errulf decided he wanted to allude me once again.  On Friday night, I logged on with Erdrique (Level 20 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) and took care of some maintenance tasks and then I grouped up with Tipsyblood and Delaran and we ran through all of the Web of Chaos chain on heroic elite: Lords of Dust, Servants of the Overlord, Spinner of Shadows, and Beyond the Rift.  We did have some difficulty in Spinner of Shadows but we eventually blasted our way through it.

 photo Nice work in GH_zpssahdaldm.jpg

Larrs fighting the Stormfist in the Gianthold.

 photo Hamllin noticing a mummy avengear_zpsoinmpepv.jpg

Hamllin noticing the mummy avenger trying to hide in the Desert.

 photo Time to explore the Road to Tarath Marad_zpsuiqbyvyi.jpg

Erdrique looking for the missing brother in Servants of the Overlord.

 photo Making our way into the Spinners Prison_zpsm4xg5472.jpg

The Crawlers making their way to the Spinner of Shadows.

 photo Fighting Ydrae Avithoul in Beyond the Rift_zps0l5yplfz.jpg

Erdrique battling the enemy drow in Beyond the Rift. 

Now Saturday was where things differed for me.  I took the opportunity between my weekend chores and yard work to log on with Erdrique and I was fortunate enough to get up with Okhamel and Delaran and we did a circuit of Smuggler’s Rest and Crystal Cove.  Saturday night, instead of logging back in with Erdrique, I logged in with Charlock (Level 15 Fighter) instead.  I did this because Hellbanisher, who is currently level 15, was looking for some help to get through Madstone Crater on elite.  So I wound up grouping up with him, Khamelburger, Clairique, and Tipsyblood and we went through the Ruins of Gainthold and completed Madstone Crater will little difficulty.  We then decided to do a few runs of the Crystal Cove on those characters but Hellbanisher had to logoff unexpectedly but the rest of the group decided to continue with the Cove especially since it was only going to be active through the weekend.  We ran through it twice and then called it a night.

 photo Battling Jack Jibbers_zpsshvvsaag.jpg

Erdrique battling the crowd in the Crystal Cove.

 photo Charlock ventures into Gianthold for the first time_zpskgoqezal.jpg

Charlock making his way to Madstone Crater and running across some giants.

 photo The Crawlers fighting in Madstone_zpsm4swr3ip.jpg

Charlock battling the ogres in Madstone Crater.

 photo Hunting in Smugglers Rest_zpsnpspt91t.jpg

Charlock hunting around in the Smuggler’s Rest.

 photo Directing some more kobolds_zpsfbbcn2uz.jpg

Charlock protecting the kobolds in the Crystal Cove.

 photo Charlock and Khamel fighting Jack Jibbers_zps6zm9shft.jpg

Charlock battling Jack Jibbers in the Cove.

On Sunday, I tried to run the Crystal Cove once more with Erdrique during the day but the Cove wasn’t open and still needed another 400 map pieces before it was going to re-open.  I logged back on Sunday night with my low level druid, Cannock (Level 7).  I then took a quick look at his equipment and quickly swapped to Erdrique who I used to craft Cannock a number of shards.  After I crafted the shards I needed, I switched back to Cannock and then I joined up with Khamelapple, who was waiting for me, and we went through The Swiped Signet, The Friar’s Niece, To Find a Witness, The Old Archives, and the Crypt of Gerard Dryden all on elite.  Not a bad night at all.

 photo Cannock battling Scourge in the Swiped Signet_zpslkuesobh.jpg

Cannock battling Scourge in The Swiped Signet.

 photo Cannock hunting spiders in the Friars Niece_zps03q4ybja.jpg

Cannock hunting down some spiders in the Catacombs.

 photo Cannock looking back at The Sanctuary_zpsqltwqxlw.jpg

Cannock looking back at the Sanctuary after finishing To Find a Witness.

 photo Waiting for the librarian_zpsddbnhiij.jpg

Waiting for the librarian.

 photo Cannock and Khamelapple battling in the Crypt of Gerard Dryden_zpspm7adi0g.jpg

Khamelapple and Cannock battling in the Crypt of Gerard Dryden.

Overall it was a nice weekend even though it was outside of the normal routine.  I hope everybody else had a great weekend as well and I hope everybody else has a great week to.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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