Thinking about the Prey of the Crimson Foot Hive

This past week, I took Erdrique (Level 20 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) into the Vale of Twilight a few times to run the quest Let Sleeping Dust Lie on elite.  Let Sleeping Dust Lie is a level 16 quest on normal and it centers around liberating the Crimson Foot Hive from the rhakshasa and their ogre partners.  The Crimson Foot Hive are actually a hive of large and powerful spiders.  Their queen has been captured and as a result the hive is under control of the rakshasha.  The quest fails if you kill more than five of these spiders after you reach a certain point in the quest.  However, these aspects of the quest isn’t what caught my eye this past week.  Instead I wondered about some of the other creatures that are also hiding in this quest.

 photo Erd taking on the rats of Crimson Foot Five_zpsatl82iwb.jpg

Erdrique battling these twilight rats and wondering…

In particular, I wondered about the Twilight Giant Rats.  You come across these vermin throughout various alcoves in the quest but I can’t figure out why these creatures are actually here.  You can tell, even in the screenshot I have above, how the Crimson Foot spiders have made their presence known by seeing all of the webs.  So I’m wondering why the Crimson Foot spiders haven’t made a meal of these large rodents.  Surely these powerful spiders would enjoy feasting on these large vermin, wouldn’t they?  And why would a rodent come anywhere near where there are super large spiders?  On an ecological sense, this confuses me.  What type of benefit do these critters get by being associated with each other?  I don’t see it.  So, if the spiders won’t take care of them, I guess I will :P.

What does everybody else think?  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out in the Vale of Twilight.


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