Sometimes the Rudeness of PUGS Baffles Me

Although I have written about PUGs a few times (examples being here: Pleasant Surprise, Awkward Silence, Recent Observations, and the PUG Scene) it has been awhile since I have observed or come across anything that was worthy of writing about concerning that topic (at least to me) until what happened to me yesterday.  I have been putting up the majority of my playing sessions and questing up in the LFM panel over the past couple of months, even my slayer runs where I am sometimes higher than the maximum level to obtain full experience.  Yesterday was no exception to this and I had posted up a LFM for a run through the Sands of Menechtarun wilderness area with Hamllin (Level 17 Fighter).  The vast majority of the time I typically don’t get a hit, especially since Hamlllin is two level higher than the area will allow for you to obtain maximum experience.  Well this time I did receive a hit and I accepted the request.

Now when I posted my LFM, I put into the message “Desert Slayers, Rares, and Explorers-Two Levels Higher than Max Exp-IP.”  I had set the level range to be level 16 to 17.  I thought that the description I put out was quite clear.  Evidently I was wrong.  As soon as the PUG player joined the first thing he typed was “Share please.”  After I saw the message come across the party chat, I responded through voice chat that I wasn’t doing a quest so there isn’t anything share.  I’m just working my way through the explorer area.  At that, the PUG asked me where the area was.  This had me puzzled.  I didn’t quite understand how somebody at level 17 couldn’t know where the Desert was.  I then told the PUG that Desert is the Sands of Menechtarun and that he could get there by talking to the Wayfinder over by the guild airship tower.  While I was telling the PUG this, I sent another party chat message asking for me to type.  So I then typed everything I had said explaining that the Wayfinder will transport him to Zawabi’s Refuge.  Two seconds later, the message saying the PUG has left group appeared on my screen.  The PUG didn’t say anything or explain why he dropped the group, just up and left the party.  It was probably better for me that he did drop group but still but a simple note saying he was dropping to do a quest or that he didn’t mean to join would have gone a long way.  Out of curiosity, I then looked him up in the Who panel and saw that he had quickly joined a different group.

 photo Hamllin looking for undead in the desert_zpsuglhmtv2.jpg

Hamllin hunting for some undead in the Desert and wondering about “PUGs.”

Normally this wouldn’t have irritated me.  However, this time it did.  I just don’t understand why many PUGs feel they have the right to just be out right rude and disrespectful.  I can understand some of that type of behavior if I was ignoring him or if I told him to find the area on his own.  I didn’t do any of those things.  I also plainly laid out in the LFM what I was working on.  If the PUG didn’t want to do that then simply don’t join the group.  I’m not sure why, just this case of blatant rudeness rubbed me wrong.  Not sure what I could have done to make my intentions for this run anymore clear.  Oh well, it is what is.

Luckily for me, the majority of PUGs that join my groups are nice and fun players.  However, coming across these “oddballs” just leaves a bad taste when it comes to putting up more groups.  It won’t stop me from posting groups though,  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Desert!!


11 thoughts on “Sometimes the Rudeness of PUGS Baffles Me

  1. The reason why I “solo” with a hireling in most things is the crazys you get in PUGs. Guildies are fine but I can’t remember the last time I pug’ed happily but it was a harbour favour run where I just ran it for someone who asked nicely. I maybe should do more but it suits who I am to do things without stress.

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    • Yeah, I typically tend to do the majority of my questing with hirelings. It wasn’t always that way. I always group with my guildmates when the opportunity arises. However, I have been wanting to recruit more people into the guild and the best way to do that is to play with “general” population. Usually things like this don’t bother me but for some reason this time it did…

      I have to admit though, I have had some fine PUGS as well lately, this “bad apple” just stood out to me.


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