A Look at Blockade Buster

I enjoy the quests that are in the Attack On Stormreach Chain which includes Assault on Summerfield, Blockade Buster, Undermine, and Seigebreaker.  In particular, Blockade Buster is a rather interesting quest in that it can be done completely stealthily, assuming you have skills and patience to pull it off.  Blockade Buster is second quest in the chain, if you were to do them in order, and it involves you and your party sabotaging the menacing Droaam fleet that has blockaded the Stormreach Harbor.  The quest giver is Graden Wylkes who happens to be gathered with the other Coin Lords in the Lords March Palace.  Graden asks you for help in destroying this blockade.  The blockade is composed up of three large vessels: Carnage, Vengeance, and Bloodlust.  The Carnage is captained by a large and very powerful ogre named Bash, the Vengeance is captained by the blood thirsty orc named Ghol Kaaz, while the Bloodlust is captained by Lobo the Bloody who is vicious gnoll.

As you can imagine, the quest actually takes place in the Harbor, in the actual water of the Harbor to be more specific.  You actually swim out to the ships from a little raft that conveniently also has a rest and resurrection shrine on it.  Now, if you are stealthy enough, you can actually swim to each ship without being spotted.  Once you get to each ship, you need to find a crest that unlock the door to the mine bay which is below deck.  Again, if you are sneaky, you can do this without raising suspicion, although be weary because the space below deck is quite tight.  Once below deck, you can get into the mine bay and do a number of things, assuming you have right skills.  This particular quest is perfect for rogues because not only can you be sneaky, you can also use your abilities to create set timers to denote the ships or to create remote controls that you can use after you vacate the ship and blow them up from a distance.  It is an interesting mechanic.

 photo Swimming to the boats in Blockade Buster_zpssznnvtny.jpg

Hamllin swimming out to the vessels in the Harbor in Blockade Buster.

In the mine bays, you will have to deal with kobold engineers, with each vessel having an orange named chief engineer as well.  You will also be able to grab a chest from mine bay as well.  There is only one other chest you can get, which is on the top deck of the Carnage.  The monsters you will battle, if the alarm is raised, are those typical from Droaam: gnolls, orcs, half-orcs, and ogres.  The quest duration is quite short but the quarters below the deck in each vessel can be quite cramped and it is easy for a party to get overwhelmed.  If you can sink the boats without an alarm going off, you will get another chest on the raft.

 photo Lobo the Bloody upclose and personal_zpsydmojrz8.jpg

A close up of Lobo the Bloody in Blockade Buster.

The quest is quite fun overall.  If you don’t go with the sneaky route, you need to be careful to not grab too much attention, especially when you go to the lower decks for any of the ships.  The ships are cramped below and then tend to clog with a number of enemies and many times you can’t reach the clerics and wizards that like to throw spells at you behind their defensive line of melee attackers.

The quest is definitely unique.  If you haven’t tried it, I would recommend it.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out in the Harbor!!


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