What is in a Name?

One of the toughest things I generally run across when it comes to creating a character is trying to figure out a decent name.  For the most part, my character’s names are centered around my favorite childhood video game, Dragon Warrior.  In fact, Erdrique was supposed to be Erdrick.  However, the DDO naming system wouldn’t let me use Erdrick so I came down to using Erdrique, with the thought that the ‘que’ would be pronounced as “ck.”  What I should have done was add in an extra “c” or “k” or something else but I wasn’t being quite that creative.  I also imagine that the developers have a hard time coming up with unique names for the myriad of NPCs throughout the game.  With this in mind, I found one particular name just ironic.  I came across this NPC while I was making my way through Wheloon.  Now keep in mind, I haven’t played through Wheloon a whole lot so a lot of NPCs, quests, and sites are relatively new to me.

So, as I was making my way through Wheloon Prison looking for the quest a Lesson in Deception I came across a lizardfolk NPC named “Snake.”  Now I don’t know why, but I just found this to be ironic and pretty funny.  Obviously this lizardfolk wasn’t a snake and their is even a dialogue option that mentions this irony.  The lizardfolk basically says that he is named (or goes by) Snake because they are his favorite things to eat.  So one reptile creature likes to decimate another reptile, not too surprising in the natural world.  However, I think it would have been more interesting to come across a lizardfolk named “Iguana” or “Monitor” or “Chameleon” or “Anole” or “Gecko” or “Skink” or one of the other lizard types that are common throughout the world.  However, I think to round out this irony is to find a yuan-ti NPC that is named “Lizard” and states that he is named after the thing he loves to eat the most :).

 photo A Lizardman named Snake_zps4xiysdts.jpg

Erdrique coming across Snake in one of the secret hideouts in Wheloon Prison.

Boy, I wonder what would happen if “Snake” would ever meet “Lizard”, lol.  That would be a fun interaction to watch!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Wheloon!!


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