Exploring the Twilight Canyon-Ritual Sacrifice

During Erdrique’s (Level 20 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) heroic true reincarnation train and his past few lives, I haven’t taken the time to venture back into the Vale of Twilight.  This was because I has hitting level 20 before I made my way out into the Vale of the Twilight and would quickly go through the reincarnation process to start back at level 1.  However, during this particular go round, I have decided to do an epic reincarnation and then a heroic true reincarnation which has allowed me to venture back into this beautiful area.  Within the Vale of Twilight lies one quest that I have always found fun to complete, Ritual Sacrifice.

 photo On my way to Ritual Sacrifice_zpsvzvgekkz.jpg

Erdrique making his way towards Ritual Sacrifice.

Ritual Sacrifice is a level 16 quest, making it level 18 on elite.  It is located nearly due east of Meridia and south of the area that is heavily impacted by the Shavarath planar influence.  The quest actually takes place in the Twilight Canyon.  The Twilight Canyon is now the home of the Windlasher Gnolls, who have made some type of pact with the devils of Shavarath.  As a result of these activities, a member of the Twelve has been sent out to investigate and still hasn’t been heard from.  As you make your to the east of the Vale of the Twilight, you will find the Twilight Canyon in some of the eastern mountainous areas and you will encounter a number of different types of hostile wildlife including twilight winter wolves, twilight rats, twilight wolves, twilight lions, mephits, and Windlasher Gnolls among other things.  To get to the Twilight Canyon you will have to make your past those hostile encounters and then up and around a few passages along the sides of a mountain.  The entrance is marked by a cave that has its opening sheltered by a thatch, gnoll constructed hut.

 photo More windlashers_zpswokcwpbb.jpg

Doesn’t take a long time to come across some gnolls in the Twilight Canyon.

Once you enter the cave, you see that it spreads out into a wide cavern and it doesn’t take you long to encounter some of the Windlasher Gnolls that now inhabit the Twilight Canyon.  The gnolls are lead by a particular powerful warrior named Killerog who is surrounded by a small pack of gnoll helpers that include some archers, divine casters, and arcane casters.  And we can’t forget the hyenas and an earth elemental as well.  Once you get past this initial encounter you will enter the Twilight Canyon itself by going through a sealed door.  The Twilight Canyon is quite impressive and large.  The gnolls have fortified the area as you immediately find out when you become pelted with arrows from huts that are positioned above the canyon and that are stationed with gnoll archers.  While dealing with the archers, you also get to have fun with some more gnoll troops on the ground as well as an air elemental.  If you aren’t ready for it, this fight can become brutal.  The Twilight Canyon then sprawls out more and to progress further into the quest you have to open up a few doors and through a few levers that activate some runes to open a sealed door.

 photo Looking at the gnolls above_zpsoydgfd9d.jpg

Activating levers in the Twilight Canyon to open up some sealed doors.

Once you get past the initial assault in the Twilight Canyon, you will come across one of the members of the Twelve kneeling in the middle of room.  His name is Paetus and you will learn very quickly that Paetus is being held prisoner and that a wave of evil outsiders from Shavarath are getting ready to enter through the portal is visible in front of Paetus.  Soon after we start getting attacked by fiendish troglodytes, fiendish spiders, bezekira, bearded devils, orthons, and then to end with the orthon leader, Crean.  Once Crean is defeated, Paetus then instructs you to meet him in the upper reaches of the village so that we can destroy the ones responsible for instituting this pact.  To do this, you will travel to the upper reaches of the gnoll village and we reenter the Twilight Canyon but will be in the upper huts instead of the bottom.  During these encounters you will come across the mystic gnolls that have been altered by the pact with the devils and you quickly learn that the gnoll forces now have help in the form of orthons and bearded devils.

 photo Taking down the Windlasher Typhoon_zps0ezohimj.jpg

Erdrique battling the windlasher gnolls in the upper village of the Twilight Canyon.

When all of the mystic gnolls are killed, you are able to meet up with Paetus and to move further into the cave to deal with more mystic gnolls, other gnolls, elementals (earth and air), and then some more orthons and devils.  All of this leads to the culmination of fighting the master mind tiefling behind all of this, Ramak Orenah.  While doing this, Paetus must also survive.  Luckily Paetus isn’t fragile, which makes me wonder how we was able to captured to begin with.

 photo Ramak trying to cast a spell_zpsaucfqlxn.jpg

Time to take the tiefling down.

Overall, this quest is fun and can be challenging.  I didn’t have any issues while running this on elite with Erdrique who was level 20 but it is much more challenging at level 17 and 18.  I enjoy the scenery in the quest, the encounters of the gnolls, elementals, and other creatures.  Having to worry about Paetus is sometimes annoying but luckily he isn’t nearly as fragile as Coyle or Commander Tesara (Gladewatch Outpost).  This particular quest also contains some “traps” which are essentially choke points that seal you into some enchanted rooms that will only open up when the elementals you are trapped with are destroyed.  If you haven’t tried, take a look at it.  Just remember not to fall when you hit the upper gnoll village, having to run back through the rest of the quest can be annoying :).

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Twilight Canyon!!


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