Fun in Subversion

I have slowly been making my way through the quests from Update 28 Devil’s Gambit.  One of these quests is called Subversion.  To get to Subversion, you need to talk to the farshifter in the Hall of Heroes who will then teleport you to Genna Tesamarides who is a member of The Twelve and the quest giver.  Genna is located in the The Twelve and exposes the hidden storage facility that is behind an illusion in the lava pit of The Twelve enclave.  The basic premise of the quest is to figure out what Arraetrikos is doing in the secret storage facility of the arcane mages of the Twelve (and to stop him of course).

 photo Coming across Arreatrikos and a Slaad_zpsmznu6yoa.jpg

Erdrique and his gang of hirelings encountering Arraetrikos talking to a slaad.

Coming into the quest, it doesn’t take long for you to stumble upon Arraetrikos talking to a strange looking demon, which happens to be a slaad.  The new monster type is something that sets this particular quest apart.  After there “discussion” which you plainly over hear, you make your way through this segment of The Twelve’s tower battling various devils along the way.  You also wind up encountering other enemies as well, primarily raksashas and their cultist followers.  The devils in this quest are primarily orthons and the various types of abishai.  The red abishai and raksashas are particularly potent, with the red abishai liking to throw their meteor swarms.  You also need to battle some elemental guardians as well being composed of an air, earth, water, and fire elemental to unlock levers that are needed to coninue on into the facility.

 photo Running across some Rhaksashas_zpscachfvut.jpg

Erdrique battling one of the raksashas in in Subversion.

 photo Dealin with Abishai and Orthons in Subversion_zpsspss5ezh.jpg

Erdrique and his gang taking on the abishai and orthons in the rooms of the storage facility.

The overall layout of the quest was pretty linear, although I do admit there is one party in the quest where you have to go through some illusionary crates to retrieve two crests.  I had a little trouble making way through these but eventually figured it out.  One thing I really liked about this quest was that I thought each room was detailed and graphically well represented.  There is also a room full of warforged titans that I found interesting.

 photo Beautiful room in the Twelve_zpsfuwfe4jz.jpg

Nice study in the storage facility of the Twelve.

 photo Finally found the sockets_zpsath5qu0i.jpg

Finding the crests needed to access this pathway.

 photo A row of Warforged Titans_zpswihfhew5.jpg

Interesting room of warforged titans.

The end fight was quite ‘explosive.’  It doesn’t take long before a large group of red slaads join the battle as you are fighting the end boss slaad, Gur’noras who happens to be green.  I wound up having some difficulty with the number of enemies that I had to deal with at the point and wound up getting killed.  But I got back up and finished the battle.

Overall, the quest was quite fun.  I enjoyed the detail put into the quest and I enjoyed seeing and battling the new monster type.  It appears that I missed a few of the optionals, so I will have to go back in here and see how they play out.  The use of the illusionary crates was also different.  I haven’t seen the use of illusionary items in many quests up to this point yet so it was good to see a new mechanic being used.  If you haven’t tried this quest yet, check it out!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Subversion!!


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