A Look At Multitude of Menace

Multitude of Menace is another of the new quests that has been released with Update 28 Devil’s Gambit.  I am currently working on taking Erdrique (Level 21 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) through these quests on heroic elite so I can see what they contain and how they work.  Multitude of Menace is the third quest in this Update that I have completed so far, leaving only Tavern Brawl for me to complete.  Multitude of Menace actually takes place in House Cannith.  To get to the quest giver, you need to talk to the farshifter located in the Hall of Heroes, the same farshifter who teleports you to the quest giver for Grim and Barrett and Subversion.  The farshifter will teleport you to Belmont d’Cannith who is the quest giver.

 photo Time to pull some levers_zpsdckxjfgh.jpg

Time to start looking for Arraetrikos.

As you pick up the quest, you learn that Arraetrikos and his minions are trying to get the Planar Containment Generator by flooding the House Cannith enclave.   This is another rather straight forward quest but it does contain some interesting aspects to it.  The quest takes place in one of the many buildings in House Cannith known as the Magewright’s Hall.  After you enter the quest and pull a lever, the first thing you find is Arraetrikos talking to his lieutenant tiefling, Carver.  Shortly after their discussion, Arraetrikos hops away and then Carver gloats at you and then somehow makes a bunch of copies of himself who then attack you while he takes off.

 photo Arretrikos and his tiefling lieutenant_zpseubrzi7z.jpg

Looks like I interrupted something :).

 photo Fighting the copies_zpsbhxlozec.jpg

Now I have to deal with Carver’s copies.

This is another quest that has some graphical work in it.  There are a number of rooms and hallway that you can see great detail in.  And not too from a building located in the House Cannith Enclave, you come across hallways that have large Cannith Crystals hovering in them.  The enemies you encounter include the various devils or Arraetrikos army, primarily abishai and orthons, and then we come across more raksashas and their cultists.  You may also run into some large, reinforced metal constructs called Cannith Juggernauts.  The combination of abishai and raksashas can get to be annoying, especially the red abishai.  The meteor swarm from those in particular is pretty potent and quite destructive.  I also noticed that some abishai take advantage of their flying ability and attack from the air.

 photo This looks interesting_zpsn4dajcjw.jpg

Erdrique coming across the “allies” in Multitude of Menace.

There aren’t a whole lot of traps in this quest.  Although, I did find a spell ward that would activate inanimate objects to spring to life and start attacking at a hidden chest, which I found interesting.  There is also a tile puzzle, that isn’t overly complicated, thankfully.

 photo Making my way through the Cannith Hall_zpsjaasjhz0.jpg

Erd coming across a Cannith Crystal, which isn’t too surprising.

The end fight is relatively straight forward.  When you finally do catch up with Carver, you will have to fight him and a plethora of his copies.  It isn’t a very complicated fight over all, just a little chaotic with some copies running around.

 photo Interesting study_zpsxpfxqqk0.jpg

Nice room in the Magewright’s Hall.

Overall, I found this quest fun.  It isn’t a very complicated quest to run and you do up across some interesting choke point areas of potentially strong enemies.  I really like the art work and graphics in the quest as well.  If you haven’t tried this quest yet check it out :).

 photo Unfair advantage_zps15uz3yad.jpg

The black abishai taking advantage of their flying ability.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this relationship between Arraetrikos and the raksashas will work in the end.  I’m sure there will be quite a following out between these devils and demons.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in House Cannith!!


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