Look at This Library!!

The other day I was taking Cantlin (Level 12 Sorcerer) into the Temple of Elemental Evil Part 1 and having some fun just checking out the detail and art in this fun quest.  One of the things you will find in plenty in the Temple of Elemental Evil is a large amount of tomes or books.  In fact you will come across a number of elaborate rooms with walls full of bookcases that contain numerous volumes of books and other little trinkets and contraptions.  It is quite an impressive library.

 photo Look at these tomes_zpspbxxrcgl.jpg

Cantlin taking note of the many volumes and trinkets in the bookcase in the Temple of Elemental Evil.

It just makes me wonder who stocked this voluminous library and who these books were authored by.  I also wonder what these books contain.  Do they chronicle the exploits of adventures?  Are these journals of various warriors and wizards?  Do they contain the results of arcane and mundane experiments, especially noting all of the skulls and flasks within the bookcases as well?  Unfortunately you can’t interact with these items so one has to speculate on what these contain.

 photo And More Tomes_zpstnalrsnx.jpg

Another room full of potential knowledge in Temple of Elemental Evil.

One things these books might contain might be lore about monsters and other creatures from across the plains.  I would find it interesting to catch a bit of information explaining of the characteristics of some vicious beast that I have never encountered before.  Something to keep back in my mind in case I ever did come across such a monster.  I also wonder if these books contain some type of trade secrets, such as various methods of crafting and creating magical items, forging armor and weapons, or developing powerful potions.  In any case, the plethora of knowledge in the Temple of Elemental Evil could be expansive.  I wonder if the arcane masters of the The Twelve and powerful magic users of the Forgotten Realms will make an excursion to extract this potential information.

Of course, all of these books could simply be cook books, lol.  Wouldn’t that be ironic :P.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Temple of Elemental Evil!!


6 thoughts on “Look at This Library!!

  1. One room contains dozens and dozens of pumpkins. Lol. Honestly, I think they’re really just Zuggtmoy’s collection of demonic fungal Harlequin books… Or at least, they would be in my tabletop version 😛

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