Haven’t Seen This Error Before

One of the things I have been doing over the weekend has been my character maintenance across my twenty different characters.  Typically this includes mailing items back and forth to a few characters across my two accounts.  While working on this, when I had Erdrique logged in, I came across the below error:

 photo This is a new error_zpsx3b2izef.jpg

I have never come across this before.

It was an Inventory Busy error and stated that you must a moment before you can interact with your inventory again.  Now I have seen this type of message when dealing with the character or shared bank but never with my inventory.  So I waited for a few minutes and I was still getting the message.  I had to log out and back in to get the message to go away and to move stuff from my inventory.  Very strange.  Have to love computer errors.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out in Stormreach!!


3 thoughts on “Haven’t Seen This Error Before

    • That is a possibility, which is fine, but the only problem was that I couldn’t do anything in my inventory after several minutes still. The only way I could “fix” it was to log out and back in. When this happens with the shared bank I usually just have to wait a few seconds. Very strange error indeed.


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