Brawling in the Portable Hole-Tavern Brawl

The last quest I had yet to complete from Update 28 Devil’s Gambit was Tavern Brawl.  Erdrique (Level 21 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) had already completed the other three quests (Grim and Barrett, Multitude of Menace, and Subversion) on heroic elite.  Tavern Brawl takes place in the Portable Hole, a special  dimensional “pocket” that is frequented by spell casters and a few others who have the ability to cast a teleportation spell.  The quest giver is a frantic spell caster named Orinus Arundul who is located in the Eberron Hall of Heroes, standing right next to the planescaller who sends you to the quest givers all of the other quests in the Devil’s Gambit adventure pack.

Tavern Brawl is a short but fun quest.  The Portable Hole isn’t a large area, therefore making the map extremely small and straight forward.  What has happened is that Arraetrikos and his devil army have invaded the portable hole to steal a specially designed compass by Orinus Arundul.  Orinus has asked for our help in liberating the Portable Hole from the devil invaders and to recover the compass.

 photo Taking on the devil forces in the Portable Hole_zpsajj9zxcd.jpg

Taking on the abishai in the Portable Hole during Tavern Brawl.

In all, there isn’t that much to this quest.  As soon as you enter the quest, Arraetrikos goes off on a rant and shortly later you find yourself dealing with wave after wave of abishai.  To complete the quest you need to rescue a number of wizards who will work together to break down an force shield that is protecting the tiefling lieutenant, Fortis, who Arraetrikos has commanded to destroy us.  Once the wizards are all freed, you will be attacked with a few waves of abishai.  The barrier surrounding and protecting Fortis does come down eventually but also comes back up.  Defeating wave after wave of abishai and a few orthons brings the barrier back down so you can attack Fortis on once again.

 photo Fighting in the Portable Hole_zpsmpsbp3ki.jpg

Fighting Fortis in the middle of the Portable Hole.

Overall, the quest is extremely simple in design but quite intensive in the battling.  I enjoyed, it is definitely a quest that can be run in a few minutes and a nice change of pace to the longer and more complicated quest we come across in game.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Portable Hole!!


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