Deception in The Mask of Deception

While looking through Erdrique’s (Level 21 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) Adventure Compendium I noticed that I missed a level 16 quest on elite.  The quest in question was The Mask of Deception.  This particular quest came out with Update 24: Reign of Madness and is a free to play quest.  It is located in Eveningstar and up until now, I hadn’t yet made my way through it.  I had read a little about this quest when it first came out and new about some of its mechanics but I think that actually hampered me more than helped me in this case.  The quest giver is name Hamish Graymoor, who happens to a member of the Harpers.  Evidently they have been keeping tabs on the movements of the Cult of the Dragon Below and now they are concerned because they seem to be making more of a presence in the region with a new hideout established in the Stormhorns.  This particular clan happens to have in its possession some type of relic as well that the Harpers would like.  Hamish has asked us to retrieve the White Dragon Mask, the relic in question, and to bring in back to the Harpers.

 photo Erd looking to get into the cult_zpsssqwzwcr.jpg

Need to take out the sentries to steal their masks to “sneak” into the compound.

Now I knew ahead of time that you could pick up cultists masks and wear those masks while you explore the hideout.  My having the masks equipped you can avoid immediate combat, allowing you to “sneak” around the compound.  By doing this you are able to get a few optionals completed, which seems to be the best use of the cultist mask unless you have a pretty high “conversational” skill (either bluff, diplomacy, of intimidate).  I had pumped quite a few points into bluff but only was able to get my bluff into the low 60s or high 50s.  Needless to say, when I tried to bluff the named enemy at this point I failed and gave myself away as being a spy.  Now, at this point I was by myself and my hirelings were back at the beginning of the quest.  I summoned them to me but by then I was completely swarmed and had a yellow dungeon alert spring up relatively quickly.  I would up getting slaughtered at this point.  Talk about being humbled as I’m level 21 and that particular encounter made me look like I was level 10.

 photo The Cult of the Dragon Below knows how to relax_zpswsuxrjwt.jpg

The members of the Cult of the Dragon Below know how to relax.

So, I decided to try the quest again later that night.  But this time I didn’t bother try to hide behind the cultist mask.  Things came out much easier, at first.  I was able to take care of the cultists in the courtyard, including the first named enemy, with relative ease, now that I was prepared, and I was able to enter the main portion of the hideout to get the White Dragon Mask however you can imagine my surprise when I retreated from the hideout to go back to the woods to complete the quest when I was jumped by the Archmage and his small contingent of forces.  He had a number of other mages with him casting various lightning spells and force missiles and before I knew it, I was killed again.  This time I was quite dumbstruck, lol.  I bought a cake through the new DDO store to realize that it never delivered into my inventory.  Frustrated, I released and hurried back and I was luckily able to make it back into the quest before it reset.  Upon reentering I was able to draw out the rest of the cultists and to take them out.  Even completing the quest with one reentry, I still got over 10,000 experience.

 photo Sneaking around the Cult_zps2zxt4fxc.jpg

Moving around the compound without being noticed.

The quest was much more interesting than I had anticipated.  I’ll be more prepared for it next time.  Those casters in that quest are especially dangerous.  It was fun being challenged but it was also frustrating.  That’s ok though, I got through it and next time I will be more prepared.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Eveningstar!!


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