Check Out That Quarterstaff

The other day I was taking Erdrique (Level 22 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) through the quest The Druid’s Curse and couldn’t help but notice the quarterstaff wielded by the end boss, Halsaime.  Erdrique, being a Thief Acrobat, can appreciate the beautiful design and function of a powerfully built quarterstaff.  In Halsaime’s hands, the quarterstaff has this wicked looking red aura glowing from it and seems to emit electric like charges from its head.  The handle appears to be made of darkwood or some other similar material.

 photo Wicked staff_zpszgvslysp.jpg

Check out that quarterstaff Halsaime has.

As I prepared to fight Halsaime, I wondered what enchantments this powerful looking quarterstaff was bestowed with.  These enchantments must be pretty powerful and intoxicating with Halsaime claiming he will not give up the quarterstaff and wants to feed you to his flower bed in Druid’s Deep.  Halsaime tends to attack with some of the strongest druid evocation spells: earthquake, call lightning storm, and firestorm.  This makes me think that his quarterstaff gives him some type of bonus, such as spell focus, to increase the saves needed to resist those magical attacks as well as a increase in spell power to those spells.  When Halsaime transforms into his animal shapes, they appear to be special spirit forms of a bear and wolf.  My assumption is that Halsaime is able to add this “spituality” to his animal shape changes because he is channeling some type of special power from the quarterstaff to allow this ability.

Indeed, this staff is quite powerful.  Too bad we don’t get the chance to check it out more closely.  I also wonder who enchanted it.  I wouldn’t mind convincing them to do some enchantments for me :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Druid’s Deep!!


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