Enjoying Lost in the Swamp

Erdrique (Level 22 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) is steadily making his way through the rest of the high level heroic quests, including those in The High Road.  The next quest for me in this line was the quest called Lost in the Swamp.  The thought behind this quest is that Oriphaun gave a piece of the Nether Scroll to Seamus, a lone hermit who lives in this enchanted swamp off of the High Road.  As we make our way to the swamp, we learn that Seamus hid the scroll piece deeper in this swamp of soles.  However, after he hid the scroll piece a medusa, by the name of Sshaastess, moved in and took over its domain.  Her minions now control the swamp land and now we will have to make our way to her lair to recover it.

 photo Looking for what is lost in the swamp_zpsm7exu1hk.jpg

This swamp is known for the will-o-wisps and the souls they control

As I made my way through the quest, I couldn’t help being reminded of the original Clash of the Titans movie from the 80s.  The swamp decor and graphics just reminded me of the swamp scene in that original movie with Perseus watching the swamp minions and making his way through the boggy swamp.  The quest layout was relatively straight forward.  I did remember getting a little confused or turned around in the swamp as I was making my way through it.  The enemies you encounter are also pretty straight forward and include will-o-wisps, vine horrors, earth elementals, dryads, wolves, bears, wood woads, and some shadow creatures.

 photo Some elementals in the middle of the jungle_zpswvp5b0ag.jpg

Coming across a root wall in Lost in the Swamp.

As you make your way through the map, you encounter various areas that contain heavily rooted walls that can be broken or knocked down.  These transitions are typically guarded by dryads or other creatures.  Being in a swamp, I felt that my onyx panther and owlbear greatly enjoyed area and they looked like they were quite at home.  Although the owlbear did have some issues with wanting to follow me.

 photo Taking on the Medusas elementals_zpsxkby7uem.jpg

Fighting an elemental soldier in Lost in the Swamp.

Sshaastess is an interesting, but yet annoying, enemy.  As you approach her in her lair, she summons wave after wave of earth elementals to slope you down.  Using earth elementals I find interesting because they should be able to resist her natural charms but perhaps she is controlling them with some other method.  In either case, after taking out a few waves of her minions she decides to join the fight.  I don’t remember anything special about her fighting abilities but she did try to turn me into stone.  Another thing I noted, is that her lair was decorated with a number of “statues’ of various creatures.

 photo The medusa awaiting on her throne_zpsu3mlkhmo.jpg

Coming across Sshaastess in her lair.

Overall, I didn’t find the quest too difficult.  I did find it fun though.  It was cool to take our adventures deep into a swamp and being reminded of an old classic movie (at least to me) was cool.  The wood woads were also quite challenging at times.  Now it is time to move onto the next quest.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the High Road.


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