Talk about Delirious!!

The “Delirium” set of quests in DDO are some of the most difficult quests to complete on elite at level.  These particular quests included Delirium, Acute Delirium, and Terminal Delirium.  All three of these quests deal with the insane denizens that come from the plane of Xoriat which included beholders, mind flayers, tharaahk hounds, flesh renders, fire reavers, ice flensers, and other demons and aberrations.  As Erdrique (Level 22 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) continues to work his way through completing all of the heroic quests on elite (excluding raids) he came upon the quests that were released with the Heart of Madness adventure pack, which includes Terminal Delirium.  The quests in this pack; Terminal Delirium, Palace of Stone, and Fashion Madness, are all level18 on normal, making them level 20 on elite.  Now although this particular quest pack has been out for some time, I haven’t had the opportunity to run any of the quests, until recently.  This is because I was hitting level 20 with Erdrique and going through the heroic true reincarnation process well before I got chance to venture into them.  And my other characters are either too level to hit them up in heroic currently or not high enough to hit the epic versions of them.  So, this past weekend was my first real look at one of these quests: Terminal Delirium.

 photo Well this doesnt look good_zpstsm0wysr.jpg

It doesn’t take long to get into trouble in the Sleeping Spell Inn.

Now I wasn’t completely unaware of the mechanics for Terminal Delirium.  I remember reading about various aspects of this challenging quest on the forums.  But then again, reading about the aspects of the quests and actually playing through them are two totally different things.  I joined up with another Crawler (Okhamel), who also hadn’t seen this quest yet, as we entered in on elite.

 photo Taking on a beholder in the rafters_zpsfflrm9co.jpg

Dealing with the beholders in the rafter.

Like the other “Delirium” quests, Terminal Delirium takes place in the Sleeping Spell Inn which is located in The Twelve.  The quest giver is located in the open air tavern (if I remember correctly) is named Verona Jethro.  Verona tells you that she reserved the Inn for some guests but has discovered their true nature and has asked for some help in dealing with the Xoriat forces.  The enemies you encounter in this go round include beholders, mind flayers, medusas, evil eyes, and shadow gargoyles.  The quest is based around joining a “team;”  You either join up with either the Lord of Eyes or the Lord of Stone as they have a little competition against each other.  Once you pick a team, you have to complete four challenges.  The first three of these challenges can be extremely brutal.

 photo Now this looks interesting_zpsb9ul7stp.jpg

Yeah, this looks rather interesting.

Once you join a team you then have to make your way through these challenges.  The first challenge is to deliver a “balloon” to your chosen team leader (either the Lord of Eyes of the Lord of Stone).  During this iteration, we had selected the Lord of Eyes.  As you search for a balloon, you find a air canister and realize that the objective here is that you need to be turned into the “balloon” and have to navigate through the rafters of the Sleeping Spell Inn and back to the two Daelkyr lords.  The only issue with this, you have to defeat a number of powerful enemies, beholders and medusas, not to mention to navigate your way through a set of serious blade traps.  Luckily I was able to disable them but I could only imagine how much damage those things would have caused if you couldn’t get them turned off, especially being a “balloon.”  Talk about some challenge here.  Needless to say, it took us a little while and a few deaths to make it through this area.  I also found navigating through the rafters, similar to flying in the Stormreaver, a little cumbersome.

 photo Dont like being a baloon_zpssqu3unqf.jpg

Erdrique making his way through the rafters as a balloon.

The second challenge was the most brutal, in my opinion.  This challenge required you to bring a “mirror” back to the lords.  To do this, you had to go into the guest rooms and find a mirror.  While you look in the mirror you see a reflection of yourself.  When you interact with the mirror, the guest room goes into lock down and your reflection is assaulted by mind flayers and spectral like gargoyles.  You have to then enter the reflection and destroy the enemies.  The only problem here, at this point you are considered a “mirror”, basically a sheet of glass, and you become extremely vulnerable to melee damage.  I found myself as a soul stone quite a bit during this particular encounter.  I had initially thought that the your character’s reflection would only take a certain amount of damage to find out later that your reflection is basically invulnerable.  We also learned that the monsters are a strong aggro mechanic on the reflection and not our actual characters.  Once we realized this, we were able to pick off the mobs one or two at a time.  Of course this became problematic at times because I was using my quarterstaff and Okhamel wields a greataxe so it was frequent when we pulled more than one or two monsters and stole aggro away from the reflection.  In the end, we got past it but we both died numerous times and had to leave and repair a few times to get past this part.

 photo Not liking this mirror thing_zpsvtqxmtvm.jpg

Finding the mirror, now what could possibly go wrong?

Now the third challenge was interesting.  We had to bring back a puzzle, and yes that meant we had to become a piece of the puzzle, back to the lords.  Essentially we had to enter the basement and to become the power floor tile puzzle piece for a set of puzzles.  We also had to defeat the undead version of the beholder from the original Delirium quest, Knizzleknack.  I’m usually not a fan of the puzzles but I found this iteration fun to do.  Especially since I was the puzzle piece.

 photo Boy have I gotten flat_zpsw4klaety.jpg

Erdrique has been converted into a floor tile piece.

The fourth and final challenge was a dance off.  Now this was completely unique.  You basically enter onto a dance floor and have to use the dance emotes to “out dance” your enemies.  In my case, this was a set of medusa’s.  You can disrupt your enemies dance flow by knocking them down or similar fashion.  Very unique mechanic indeed.  Once the dance contest is over, the quest completes.

 photo Time to dance_zpsu7byzhw0.jpg

Its time to dance!!

Overall, Terminal Delirium is quite unique.  There isn’t another quest quite like it.  It is extremely challenging.  Between the two of us, Okhamel and I had 60 deaths wracked up, 30 for each of us.  I wonder if the death counter just gave up :).  That is definitely a new record for me!!  If you haven’t tried this quest, it is definitely something to look into, at least for once.

 photo That was a rough one_zpscxmevnvi.jpg

Yeah, that was a rough one!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Sleeping Spell inn!!


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