Exploring the Inn

Erdrique (Level 22 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) is still working his way through the quests of the High Road for the first time.  Last weekend one of the quests I made my way through was A Stay at The Inn.  The quest giver for is located in Eveningstar not far away from the the High Road entrance and is named Kordo Seetspire.  The purposed of this quest is to track down another fragment of the Nether Scroll that Oriphaun has broken.  Evidently Oriphaun left one of the fragments at this obscure inn (actually at the tavern of the inn) located in off the path of the High Road.  The inn is named the The Old Man’s Face.

 photo Looking for the inn keeper_zpsmujhomc1.jpg

Time to find out what is in this Inn.

The design for this quest is pretty straight forward.  Shortly after you enter the quest you find yourself in a courtyard to the Inn and you come across a terrified patron.  After you speak to the patron, you are then assaulted by a few waves of sellswords and other troops.  After you defeat the ambush you are then directed to move through and explore the other components of Inn including the barn and the tavern.  As you are exploring the individual segments of the inn you encounter a series of sellswords and enemies.

 photo Encountering trouble in the Inn_zpsx6mtflip.jpg

Time to clear out the courtyard.

 photo Spying some enemies below in the Inn_zpsevvgrrqp.jpg

Preparing to see what is down in the basement.

Eventually, you will find the tavern owner and you will make your way to the basement of the tavern.  There you will encounter the leader of the band looking for this particular fragment, another Netherese.  Once the leader is defeated you can then report back to the tavern keeper to complete the quest.

 photo Look at the smug commander_zps9qr9mne5.jpg

Getting ready to confront the smug leader of this group of Netherese.

I don’t really remember anything that is truly unique about this quest.  The map layout isn’t very complicated and overall length of the quest isn’t bad.  I do like the various environments you are fighting in.  You move from battling enemies outside in the courtyard, to the clutterness of the inn, back outside to the confines of the barn, and then into the dark and spookier basement of the tavern.  The enemies you encounter are primarily humans (the Netherese wizards and their sellswords) as well as shadow monsters (umbral versions of regular monsters).  There are a few bear traps as well that need to be dealt with.

 photo I found trouble in the Inn_zps8ybgagld.jpg

Well, there isn’t a piece of the Nether Scroll located here.

 photo Commander isnt so smug now_zpstxiweniw.jpg

Putting Commander Tarys in his place.

The quest was fun overall and not overly complicated, which makes it a good quest to try to complete when short on time.  The next quest in the series is Rest Stop, which I completed earlier this week and really enjoyed.  I plan on writing up that run this weekend in another post.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the High Road!!


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