Looking Back This Past Week, Quest Runs November 2nd to November 5th

This past week my quest runs were across a variety of levels and consisted of a number of slayer runs, adventures in the Night Revels, and regular questing.  I kicked things off by taking Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Magister) out into the beautiful King’s Forest for my typical morning slayer run.  I’m going to have to print out a map of the King’s Forest and use it as a guide to find all of Elminster’s Messages so that I can get that completed, not only on Rimuldar but for all of my epic level characters as well.  During the afternoon, once I got back home from work, I took Erdrique (Level 22 Rogue/Fury of the Wild) out into The High Road and into the quest Rest Stop.  I found the quest Rest Stop pretty fun, particularly the location that it occurs in, a nice old crumbling castle.  Later that night, I had the opportunity to dual box once again.  I logged in with Crawlller (Level 7 Ranger) from my premium account and Cannock (Level 8 Druid) from my VIP account and I took them through the quest  The Sacred Helm on elite and then I took them both out into the Night Revels and completed the quests Haverdashed and Under New Ravagement on level 7.

Rimuldar taking in the sights of the King’s Forest.

Erdrique in the High Road and looking for the castle.

Erdrique checking out the quest Rest Stop.

Crawlller getting up close and personal with an ogre in The Sacred Helm.

Cannock stalking in the Night Revels.

Cannock carrying Crawlller through Haverdashed.

Cannock and Crawlller work on completing Under New Ravagement.

Tuesday I started my questing out by taking Garrrin (Level 23 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) out into the King’s Forest for some of his own slayers.  In the afternoon, I took Hamllin (Level 17 Fighter) into the Sands of Menechtarun for even more slayers and then I took him out into the Night Revels and attempted Under New Ravagement.  I’m not entirely sure why, but I am struggling with Hamllin in the Night Revels quests at level.  I need to take a look at him and figure out what the deal is.  Later on Tuesday night, I logged on with Larrs (Level 21 Bard/Fatesinger) and I took him into the quests The Last Stand and into Fathom the Depths on epic normal.  I also completed a run through the Night Revels and Under New Ravagement on level 21.  If you haven’t noticed I’m trying to get as many runs in with the Night Revels as I can.

Garrrin explores the King’s Forest.

Hamllin making his way through the pyramids of the desert.

Hamllin looking for keys and candies in the graveyard.

Hamllin struggles through Under New Ravagement.

Protecting the drow in The Last Stand.

Larrs flighting the huge mudman at the end of Fathom the Depths.

Larrs seeing what is so big about the Night Revels.

Larrs takes a stab at Under New Ravagement.

Wednesday, as is typical, was a shorter day of questing because of my weekly date night.  I did some slayer runs that morning prior to work with Cannock (Level 8 Druid) and Containment (Level 7 Cleric).  This was another opportunity to do some dual boxing for me and I was also able to level Cannock up to 8.  I took them through the Waterworks, which was Cannock’s first venture down there.  My afternoon run was with Erdrique who went back into the High Road to run End of the Road.  I was a little surprised with this particular run. Up to this point, I didn’t find the High Road quests to hard with Erdrique on elite, although he is level 22 and these quests are level 20 on elite.  But this time, I ran into some trouble and wound up suffering a total wipe when I grabbed too many of the Netherese and their sellswords.  I’ll have to try to be a little more careful during my next run through.

Cannock enjoying his winter wolf form in the Waterworks.

Erdrique hunting in the High Road.

Erdrique exploring the quest The End of the Road.

To close the week out on Thursday, I started things out by taking Tuhnn (Level 15 Bladeforged) into the Sands of Menechtarun.  Tuhnn went off to hunt down some scorrow during this go round and hit the latest slayer mark.  In the afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin and took him for his turn into the desert, although he is working on his undead slayers.  I also took him into Under New Ravagement, once again, for some revenge and he barely made it through it (although I did completed it!!).  During the night, I was planning on logging in with Harrgon (Level 11 Favored Soul) and so I took the opportunity to dual box once again but also logging in with Suppply (Level 10 Paladin).  I took them both into Sorrowdusk Isle and completed the Iron Mines: Freeing Achka and Iron Mines: Justice for Gust.  I didn’t get a chance to take these two through the Night Revels though :(.

Tuhnn staking on the scorrow of Menechtarun.

Hamllin hunting the mummies in the Sands of Menechtarun.

Hamllin taking another stab at the quest Under New Ravagement.

Suppply hunting down the ogres in Sorrowdusk Isle.

Harrgon hoping to find Achka in the Iron Mines.

Harrgon battling the black sun ogres to get to Grust in the Iron Mines.

Overall, it was a pretty nice mixture of questing.  I had some low level questing with Crawlller, Cannock, and Containment.  Some mid-level questing with Harrgon and Suppply and high level questing with Hamllin and Tuhnn.  I even had a good amount of epic questing with Erdrique, Larrs, Garrrin, and Rimuldar.  All of these included runs through slayers, quests, and the Night Revels.  I’m hoping for just as productive a weekend and I hope I will have enough ingredients to get those augments for Erdrique.  We’ll see!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Night Revels this weekend!!


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