Coming to the End of the Road

As I continue to take Erdrique (Level 23 Rogue/Primal Avatar) through the rest of the heroic quests on elite, I also continue on making my way through some of the quest I haven’t played.  Some of the quests that I haven’t made my way through until now include those in The High Road of Shadows pack.  Earlier this week, I completed that chain when I finished the capstone quest for the series, The End of the Road.

Taking on Shadowpaw on the outskirts of the keep.

The End of the Road is bestowed by the Harper Agent Olyn Araphyr.  Olyn is located, like the rest of the High Road quest givers, close to the cart that takes you to the High Road.  The primary objective, at least initially, is to find and retrieve any Nether Scroll pieces from the Netherese Hideout of Granwell Keep.  As soon as you enter the quest, you find yourself in a little hut or outlook post with another Harper Agent who informs you of the latest movements and developments of the Netherese forces.  Once you leave him, you enter the woods that surround the keep.  There is a wide road that leads from the outpost to Granwell Keep, and of course it is filled with Netherese enemies and agents.

The Harper agent you first meet when you enter quest wasn’t very fortunate.

As you make your way down the road you will encounter a number of enemies.  The vast majority of these enemies are the sell sword mercenaries hired by the Netherese.  However, sprinkled throughout these forces are a good number of Netherese wizards and their shadow or umbral pets.  You will also encounter a some of the natural fauna as well as you stumble across bears, wolves, and giant spiders.  I also ran across a large umbral worg named Shadowpaw.  There are also two other rare encounters but I didn’t come across them, Miremere and Greenstalker.  The surrounding woods and the road that leads to the keep are generally guarded with large groups of enemies instead of them being spaced out.  This makes the initial combat quite interesting and can be quite overwhelming.  The road is also peppered with a good number of spellward traps.

Looking at my chaos beholder from above while making my way through the keep.

Once you make it to Granwell Keep, you find yourself traveling along the catwalks quite a bit.  I found myself making my way around the keep by running around the ramps and catwalks.  I didn’t see an opportunity to get into the keep itself.  When you make it to the center of the keep, you come across two Netherese wizards who are assembling the Nether scroll pieces back together.  In their arrogance, they decided to read the scroll, once it is reassembled, which results in the summoning of a large and unexpected demon named Razagnol, a glabrezu.  At this point, it is a free for all, everybody is out for themselves.  As the battle rages on between Razagnol, the Netherese wizards, and our party we see Razagnol summoning forth dretches and later he summons forth fire reavers.  Which makes me wonder how exactly he is able to summon the fire reavers…In any case, the end fight ends when Razagnol is defeated.

Erdrique entering the keep.

This doesn’t look like it will end well with that thing.

All hell breaking loose in the middle of Granwell Keep.

The quest ends when Elminster and another Harper agent show up to take the reassembled scroll.  Looking back at the quest, I found it fun.  The first time I entered the quest, I actually failed.  As I mentioned earlier, on the road to the keep it is very easy to get a whole lot of enemies to swarm you which is what happened the first time I came in.  This time I was much more careful and planned by attack strategy more appropriately by peeling away enemies one at a time.

Dealing with the natural fauna around the grounds of the keep, including large spiders.

Now that I’m done with the High Road, I need to continue to move with the Stormhorns.  I have completed the first quest in that chain and look forward to finding and making my way through the rest.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out in the High Road!!


4 thoughts on “Coming to the End of the Road

  1. Ragnazol is a glabrezu from the plane of chaos, which is a type of demon, as are fire reavers and dretches.. So those particular summons aren’t terribly surprising.

    Miremere the mudman lives in the lake just off the right of the bridge to the keep itself, and the spider is on a hill just to the right after the big line of spell wards.

    Hunh.. Odd that every optional is to the right.. Never paid attention to that, before!

    P.S. Something wonky is going on with the images in your past few posts.. The placeholder is showing, but not the images themselves. Odd…

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    • Well, what made me wonder about Ragnazol was his ability to summon fire reavers since they are only based on Eberron (DDO only actually) and not Forgotten Realms. I guess that Rift issue allowed him that ability.

      As for the pictures, yeah I Grim and DDOCentral have already told me about having issues with them. I have no idea what is going on but I think it is related to me saving them at Google Images instead of Photobucket (I filled Photobucket up).


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