Now That Was an Interesting Fashion Show

Last weekend, one of the quests I took Erdrique (Level 23 Rogue/Primal Avatar) through was the quest Fashion Madness.  Fashion Madness is one of the quests from the Heart of Madness adventure pack.  This adventure pack includes two other quests, Terminal Delirium and Palace of Stone.  The quest giver are Fashion Madness is an agent of House Phiarlan named Kier d’Phiarlan.  Kier has reported that some strange and disturbing things have been going on lately concerning a development and production of a fashion show that House Phairlan is presenting to elite in the Lordsmarch plaza and requests some extra secuity.

Preparing to talk to the promoter.

This was my look at this particular quest.  The quest starts out by dealing with some initial trouble with some guards just outside of the plaza itself.  However, it gets real interesting a short while later when the fashion show is actually occurring.  A short time after the show starts, we hear from perhaps our favorite mind flayer, Yaulthon.  He appears in a spectral form and then shortly later disappears but not after sending in wave after wave of enemies to deal with.  At this point, everybody involved in the fashion show and all spectators flee in panic.  Meanwhile, we stand buy dealing with hordes that spawn to ruin the show and to make general mayhem.

Things are becoming interesting at the fashion show!!

After we survive this artistic barrage, we then are directed to head off the rest of the monstrosities and we head down into the all too familiar, Harbor Sewers.  So, we have found yet another entrance to the Stormreach Sewers.  While exploring the sewers, we encounter some familiar sites, those strange pods that turn individuals to taken, as well as coming across the beholder behind everything, Ir’gorthulzz.

The monsters you will come across this quest include taken, evil eyes, mind flayers, and flesh renders.  I did have some issues while making my way through this quest, as the evil eyes and their force attacks really did a toll on me.

Fighting a chaos beholder.

The quest layout is pretty straight forward.  A good portion of the quest takes place in the center of the Lordsmarch Plaza when you are fending off the artistic onslaught.  You then continue the quest down into the sewers but the tunnels you take aren’t complicated in terms of direction and cross paths.

The quest overall is intriguing.  The sheer number of enemies you have to fight can be overwhelming at times but this can be spread out more evenly that what I did.  It is also not a long quest, which is also nice.  However, it does make me wonder why the house of spying and intrigue can’t get to the bottom of issues that are occurring.  I also wonder about Yaulthon and when we will see him again!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in the Fashion Madness!!

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